Maruti Will Release A New Flagship MPV Based On The Toyota Innova Hycross By August 2023

Maruti will also add ADAS to its lineup with this high-end hybrid.

  • The famous MPV from Toyota will be added to the models that both Toyota and Maruti sell.
  • The newest version of the Innova Hycross makes it even more of a high-end product.
  • With features like ADAS and ventilated front seats, it will be Maruti’s best car.
  • Maruti’s second hybrid car will be an MPV based on the Hycross.
  • Prices are expected to be the same, starting at around Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom).

As part of their ongoing model-sharing partnership, the Toyota Innova Hycross will also be sold under the name Maruti Suzuki. It will have all of the same features as the Toyota model. We have seen it being tested, and we now know that it will come out in August 2023.

Where will it fit in the lineup?

The premium MPV will be Maruti Suzuki’s new top model, taking the place of the Grand Vitara compact SUV, which was just released. The Ertiga and XL6 are the most popular affordable MPVs, but the Maruti-branded Innova Hycross will let longtime customers of the brand move up without switching to a different brand.

What does it bring to the Maruti stable?

The Innova Hycross comes with a lot of new features and technologies. In addition to being large, the Toyota MPV also has a high-quality interior. Even though it no longer has a body-on-frame design and a rear-wheel-drive powertrain, it is still unlike any other Maruti on the market today.

What does the Innova Hycross offer?

Toyota Innova Hycross cabin

The newest version of the Innova MPV has a panoramic sunroof, front seats that can be cooled, dual-zone climate control, and a camera that can see in all directions. It also gets a new infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen and connected car tech, as well as a digital display for the driver.

It has ADAS safety features like automatic emergency braking and lane assist, as well as up to six airbags and parking sensors in the front and back. The first Maruti car in India to have ADAS will be this one.

Maruti’s next hybrid offering

The Maruti MPV based on the Innova Hycross will have a strong hybrid powertrain, just like the Grand Vitara based on the Toyota Hyryder. This one has a 2-liter gasoline engine and hybrid technology, which is an electric motor. Together, they produce 186PS and up to 206Nm of torque, which is sent to an e-CVT automatic transmission. The Toyota MPV has an impressive fuel economy of 21.1kmpl, which is even higher than what the ARAI says about the Maruti Ertiga, which runs on gasoline.

Toyota Innova Hycross

There will also be cheaper versions with just a 2-liter gasoline engine and no electric parts. These will have 174PS and 205Nm of power and a CVT automatic transmission.

Price expected

Prices for the Toyota Innova Hycross haven’t been released yet, but we expect them to start at Rs 20 lakh and go up to Rs 30 lakh for the top models (ex-showroom). We think that the MPV with the Maruti name will cost the same, making it the most expensive Maruti so far. It can now compete well with the Kia Carnival.

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