Lohia to Expand Its Network in T-3 & T-4 Cities

Lohia, a prominent leader in the electric vehicle manufacturing sector, is thrilled to unveil its strategic expansion blueprint aimed at fortifying its presence within T-3 and T-4 cities. Guided by a robust foundation rooted in innovation and customer-centric principles, Lohia is poised to extend its influence to a broader spectrum of communities across India, thereby delivering efficient and dependable last-mile transportation solutions.

At present, Lohia boasts an extensive network of 500 dealers nationwide, with plans underway to augment this figure by an additional 1,000 dealers over the upcoming biennium. This concerted growth strategy serves as a conduit for reaching the hitherto untapped T-3 and T-4 cities, thereby amplifying Lohia’s ability to cater to an expanded customer base and respond effectively to evolving transportation needs.

The strategic focus on T-3 and T-4 cities underscores Lohia’s recognition of the immense potential and latent opportunities that lie within these domains for last-mile connectivity solutions. These cities, integral to the nation’s progress, bear significance as catalysts for India’s holistic development. By offering tailored services that address the unique demands of these markets, Lohia aims to bridge critical transportation gaps within these regions.

Lohia has cemented its reputation as a trusted industry name, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. The company’s diverse portfolio spans a spectrum of electric vehicles, cargo loaders, and passenger carriers, each meticulously designed to cater to the distinct requisites of both urban and rural transportation scenarios. Embracing sustainability as a core tenet, Lohia’s offerings contribute tangibly to the reduction of carbon emissions, thereby advancing a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Expressing his sentiments regarding this expansion, Mr. Ayush Lohia, CEO of Lohia, articulated, “We are enthralled to broaden our footprint within T-3 and T-4 cities, thus fortifying our market presence. These territories hold immense promise for propelling last-mile connectivity solutions. Committed to addressing evolving transportation needs in harmony with the environment, we aspire to make our eco-friendly transportation alternatives seamlessly accessible to the burgeoning markets by augmenting our dealer network by a thousand in the next 24 months.”

In perfect alignment with the government’s vision of fostering sustainable transportation practices and fortifying the national infrastructure, Lohia’s expansion trajectory resonates deeply. By extending its network to encompass T-3 and T-4 cities, Lohia actively contributes to nurturing a robust transportation ecosystem, enhancing interconnectivity, and ultimately catalyzing economic growth.

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