Jk Tyre Further Strengthens Its Position in Off-the-road (Otr) Tyre Segment

Mumbai, January 31, 2023: JK Tyre, one of the country’s largest tyre companies, has been at the forefront of driving innovation across all segments of the Indian tyre industry. As part of this commitment, the company launched three new Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres today at the Bauma Conexpo 2023. The latest additions to its line of products are the 26.5-25 Loader Champ 28PR E4/L4 TL, 23X8.50-12 JET TRAX ULTIMA 6PR TL, and 23X5.7-12 JET TRAX SUPER II 4PR TL.

The company was the first to make India’s biggest tyre, a 40.00-57 that is 12 feet in diameter and weighs about 3400 kgs. It is the leader in the category of “Ultra large OTR tyres.” The company has also done something very impressive by getting the VEM 045, which is 12 feet tall and weighs about 3.4 tonnes, into the Limca Book of Records as the largest off-road tyre. The company has a wide range of durable products to meet the many needs of the industrial and mining sectors.

Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd., spoke at the event. He said, “JK Tyre has been at the forefront of introducing many cutting-edge, high-tech products. Our strong position in the Off-the-Road tyre market shows that we are committed to coming up with new ideas and making products that work well and last long even on the toughest Indian terrains. We are sure that the three new tyres are “category-defining” breakthrough products that will strengthen our position in the OTR tyre market.

The 26.5-25 Loader Champ 28PR E4/L4 TL is a premium heavy-duty product made for wheel loaders and articulated dumpers. It has a high-depth tyre with a specially designed tread pattern to give great traction, mileage, and resistance to cuts in tough mining conditions.

In addition to these, two new types of skid steer loader tyres, the 23X8.50-12 JET TRAX ULTIMA and the 23X5.7-12 JET TRAX SUPER II, were made for international markets. The tyres are made for “Non-Highway services (NHS),” which means they are made for construction equipment that is not used on roads. The tread compound in the tyres is made with SILICA, which makes them more durable. The tyres also have a strong wide wall and rim guard design that makes them more resistant to damage from the outside and protects the rim flange area of the wheel from damage.

About JK Tire & Industries Limited
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is one of the top 25 manufacturers in the world. It is the main company of the JK Group. The company was one of the first to use radial technology. In 1977, they made the first radial tyre, and now they are the market leader in the Truck Bus Radial segment. The company offers complete solutions for two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, farming vehicles, off-road vehicles, and passenger vehicles.

JK Tyre is a global company with more than 180 distributors in 105 countries. The company has 12 “sustainable” factories, nine of which are in India and three in Mexico. Together, they make about 32 million tyres every year. The company also has a strong network of more than 6000 dealers and more than 650 Steel Wheels and Xpress Wheels brand shops.

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