Jeep India Launches Two New Special Editions for Meridian

Jeep, the premium brand of sport utility vehicles, is releasing two limited special editions of its new Meridian model. These editions, known as the Meridian X and the Meridian Upland, emphasize the Meridian’s dual nature as a sophisticated and adventurous vehicle.

The Special Edition of the Jeep Meridian is currently available for pre-ordering at Jeep Dealerships and on the Jeep India website, and delivery will begin immediately. The base model of the Jeep Meridian costs 32.95 lakh Indian rupees.

The Jeep Meridian X was developed to accommodate urban lifestyles, the kind of lifestyle in which consumers are looking for elegance and a premium driving experience. The Meridian X comes with an attractive Body Color, a Grey Roof, and Alloy Wheels with a Grey Pocket. In addition to this, it features exterior enhancements like side molding and puddle lamps, as well as interior adjustments like ambient lighting, which give the luxury interiors a makeover that is similar to that of a lounge.

Customers who want to “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” will find that the Jeep Meridian Upland, with its improved adventure features, is the perfect vehicle for them. Those who wish to follow their passions while having exhilarating experiences while driving in a variety of terrains are the ones who will want to purchase this special edition.

It comes with practical accessories such as a Roof Carrier and Side stairs, as well as Splash Guards, a Boot Organizer, Sunshades, a Custom Cabin, Cargo matting, a Tire Inflator, and a Hood Decal that has been uniquely developed for it.

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