iGowise Mobility bringing the electric SUV scooter BeiGo X4

India, January 24, 2023: Bengaluru-based EV startup iGowise Mobility is getting ready to launch its crossover SUV scooter BeiGo X4 on the Indian market on January 26, 2023.

This one-of-a-kind e-scooter has an eye-catching but simple design, clever engineering, and state-of-the-art technology that can improve a user’s lifestyle by making commuting in cities safer and more comfortable than ever before.
“BeiGo eBike is a combination of the beast and the bee,” the company said when asked about its unique design. Suresh Salla, CTO and Chief of Design at iGo, says, “It takes its design cues from the beauty of a honeybee that takes care of its young and is also built tough and strong like a mountain-antelope.”

The real selling point of the BeiGo X4 is its twin-wheel integrated power-train technology, which lets it self-balance on demand. “Always feet on-board” is the best way to get around without getting tired, even when there is a lot of traffic. Even on slopes. Even when going backward. “Many people have tried to make a self-balancing scooter, but iGo’s clever engineering is the first to do it without sacrificing performance or agility or using expensive or energy-intensive technologies,” said Mr. Suresh, who has more than 20 patents in mobility technologies.

It has a practical range of 150 km, 2500+ cycle ultra-durable fire-resistant LifePO4 batteries, 60L of boot space, spacious flat floor legroom, an integrated pillion footrest, and a triple-disc anti-skid braking system. It seems like the car was made just for the roads and needs of India. “It’s what you get when you combine a good cause, a focus on the user, and great execution,” says Sravan Appana, CEO of iGo. ISB graduate Mr. Sravan built world-class technology products in the areas of fintech, cloud, and IOT. He joined forces with Mr. Suresh, a serial entrepreneur in the mobility space, to make two-wheeler transportation safer, smarter, and more accessible.

“Our specialty is mobility technologies, such as smart BMS, ADAS, collision detection alarms, and data-driven riding pattern detection. We will use IOT and advanced AI technologies to come up with exciting cashbacks and rewards for riders who drive safely and follow the rules of the road.
Using this connected technology, iGo plans to offer a unique pay-as-you-go vehicle subscription service with no down payment. It is talking with a number of EV financing partners about how to make safe transportation affordable for everyone. “When it comes to financing a car, a very durable vehicle and data-driven insights make a huge difference. It makes it easier for EV financiers to figure out how good a car is and how much it will be worth when it comes time to sell it.”

The base model of this very innovative cross-over scooter is expected to start at an affordable 1.1 Lakhs, and the first customers will get a 5-year warranty that covers up to 1 lakh kilometres.
When asked if the product was ready for the market, the company said, “We’ve tested it on the road for thousands of kilometres over multiple product iterations on different terrains. Mr. Sravan says, “We’ve also found reliable tier-1 Indian suppliers for all the major auto parts, paying close attention to quality and the availability of spares.”

The company’s plant in Whitefield, Bangalore, is already set up to make 30,000 units per year. In the last stages of productionization, the startup is investing more in automation tools and high-tech testing equipment.

“iGo is a brand that represents the rider’s uncompromising attitude, no-fuss way of life, and unique personality. iGoan refuses to trade safety for performance, comfort for space, reliability for affordability, community for convenience, and a safer today for a greener tomorrow. This is why the BeiGo X4 is the perfect companion, because it is as tough as our rider. Mr. Sravan came to an end.

As part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, iGo is showing off this unique new idea for the first time on January 26. This is part of the Resolve@75 initiative. The event will be streamed live on the company’s social media and YouTube channels. Visit their official websites at https://beigo.bike and https://igowise.com to learn more.

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