Hyundai Exter CNG and Tata Punch iCNG Comparision

The increasing demand for environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles has led major car manufacturers like Hyundai and Tata to offer CNG variants of their popular models. In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages of the Hyundai Exter CNG over the Tata Punch iCNG, while also highlighting the benefits that the Punch brings to the table.

Advantages of Hyundai Exter CNG

  1. Enhanced Safety Features: The Hyundai Exter CNG takes safety to the next level by equipping its models with six standard airbags, providing maximum protection for both the driver and passengers during collisions. In contrast, even the fully loaded variant of the Tata Punch iCNG, which lacks a CNG option, only offers two airbags. This advanced safety feature gives the Exter CNG a clear edge in terms of occupant safety.
  2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): The Exter CNG includes a standard TPMS, a crucial feature for maintaining optimal tire pressure. This system constantly monitors tire pressure and alerts the driver if any tire is underinflated, thus preventing potential accidents caused by tire-related issues. Regrettably, the Tata Punch iCNG lacks this safety feature on its CNG version, making the Exter CNG a safer choice in this regard.
  3. Superior Engine Performance: The Exter CNG’s 4-cylinder engine elevates the driving experience by providing improved smoothness and refinement. This results in a more enjoyable and refined driving experience compared to the Tata Punch iCNG’s 3-cylinder engine. The Exter CNG offers better performance and drivability, enhancing the overall driving satisfaction.
  4. Rear Air Conditioning Vents: Hyundai’s Exter CNG ensures passenger comfort by offering rear air conditioning vents on all variants except the base model. This feature provides a dedicated source of cool air for rear passengers, ensuring even distribution of air throughout the cabin. Unfortunately, the Tata Punch iCNG does not provide rear AC vents even in its fully-loaded version, giving the Exter CNG an advantage in terms of passenger comfort.
  5. Established Sales and Service Network: Hyundai boasts a well-established global brand reputation, which is reflected in its extensive network of dealerships and service centers. This means Exter CNG owners can easily access maintenance and support. While Tata’s network is growing, it is not as widespread as Hyundai’s, making the Exter CNG a more convenient choice for after-sales services.

Benefits of Tata Punch iCNG

  1. Innovative Twin-Cylinder Technology: The Tata Punch iCNG stands out with its twin-cylinder technology, allowing it to maintain ample boot space while accommodating CNG cylinders. This innovative design ensures that owners do not have to compromise on storage space while benefiting from CNG fueling.
  2. Lower Starting Price: The Tata Punch iCNG is priced lower, starting at Rs 7.10 lakh (ex-showroom), compared to the Exter CNG’s starting price of Rs 8.24 lakh. This affordability makes the Punch iCNG an attractive option for budget-conscious CNG car buyers, offering a significant cost advantage.
  3. Impressive Safety Rating: The Tata Punch holds the distinction of being the most affordable car to achieve a full 5-star safety rating from Global NCAP. This accomplishment underscores the car’s robust build and strong emphasis on safety. While the Exter CNG offers more safety features, the Punch’s 5-star rating provides assurance to safety-conscious buyers.
  4. Higher Power Output: The Tata Punch iCNG offers a slightly higher power output than the Exter CNG, providing better performance. This additional power compensates for the Punch’s slightly higher weight, contributing to a more dynamic driving experience.
  5. Practical Design Elements: The Punch iCNG boasts practical design features like 90-degree opening doors, ensuring easy ingress and egress for occupants. Additionally, its wider rear seat and innovative cabin amenities enhance the overall user experience.

In conclusion, the Hyundai Exter CNG and Tata Punch iCNG each have their unique advantages and considerations. The Exter CNG shines in terms of safety features, refined engine performance, and an extensive sales and service network. On the other hand, the Punch iCNG offers innovative technology, affordability, impressive safety ratings, and practical design elements. To make an informed choice, potential buyers should assess their priorities and preferences before deciding on the model that best aligns with their needs.

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