BMW Unveils Bold New R20 Concept Based on R18 Platform

BMW has recently introduced the R20 concept, a striking evolution of its R18 model, showcasing a combination of advanced engineering and unique design elements.

Engine and Performance

At the core of the R20 concept is an upgraded version of the R18’s air-cooled 1,802cc Boxer engine, with its capacity increased to 2,000cc. While BMW has yet to release specific performance figures, the enhanced engine is expected to surpass the R18’s output of 91 hp at 4,750 rpm and 157 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm.

Design Highlights

The R20 concept features a fresh aesthetic with a new aluminum tank finished in an eye-catching color dubbed “hotter than pink.” This vibrant hue extends to various components, including the cylinder head covers, air intake funnels, and belt cover, which are polished and anodized.

Complementing the vivid color scheme are elements finished in gunmetal, such as the paralever strut, brake calipers, and footrests. A standout feature is the 3D-printed aluminum ring integrating the DRL, which appears to float above the structure. The seat, crafted from quilted black alcantara and leather, incorporates an LED taillight into its compact rear design.

Chassis and Wheels

BMW has redeveloped the chassis for the R20, employing a double-loop main frame constructed from chrome-molybdenum steel tubes. The rear wheel sports a distinctive black disc design, measuring 17 inches and fitted with a 200/55 tire, while the front boasts a 17-inch spoke wheel with a 120/70 tire.

Additional Features

The R20 concept retains several classic roadster elements while integrating modern technical advancements. Notable features include an exposed driveshaft, ISR brake calipers, twin exhausts, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, and a swingarm also made from chrome-molybdenum steel. The overall design results in a wheelbase of 1,550 mm.

Design Philosophy

According to Alexander Buckan, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, “The R20 concept is a bold interpretation of the BMW Motorrad DNA. It combines modern technical elements with a classic roadster design. Its oversized proportions and minimalistic aesthetic make it an unmistakable character.”

Future Prospects

Currently, BMW has not disclosed further performance details or plans for the production of the R20 concept.

The R20 concept stands as a testament to BMW’s innovative spirit, blending modernity and tradition in a motorcycle that is both visually and technically compelling.

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