Ola Patents Removable Battery: Potential for Future E-Scooters and More

Ola Electric has recently secured a design patent for a removable electric battery, which could soon be integrated into their future electric vehicles. While this new battery technology is patented for use across various electric vehicles, its application won’t be limited to just two-wheelers. Ola is also exploring its potential for electric rickshaws.

Current Market Landscape

Among India’s prominent electric scooter manufacturers, only Hero-owned Vida offers removable batteries in its V1 models. Major players like Ather, TVS, Bajaj (under the Chetak brand), and Ola currently do not feature removable batteries in their products. However, Ola’s acquisition of Dutch startup Etergo and its AppScooter—which originally had a removable battery—suggests a renewed interest in this technology. Despite initially re-engineering the AppScooter and eliminating the removable battery, Ola now seems poised to revisit this option as it strengthens its presence in the Indian market.

Future Applications

Ola is expanding its electric vehicle portfolio to include motorbikes, cars, and rickshaws in addition to its existing scooter lineup. Although it’s too early to confirm which specific vehicles will utilize the new removable batteries, it is likely that lighter two-wheelers and three-wheelers will be the primary beneficiaries, rather than Ola Electric’s car models.

By introducing removable batteries, Ola could significantly enhance the convenience and practicality of its electric vehicles, making them more appealing to a broader range of consumers.

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