Bmw and Valeo Form a Strategic Partnership to Develop the Next Generation of Level 4 Automated Parking Together

BMW Group and Valeo are working together in New Delhi to develop fully automated parking systems up to Level 4. Infrastructure-based services will also be developed together so that public parking lots and sites with the right technology can offer fully automated parking and charging.

In January, both companies signed an agreement to work together on a strategic level. They will work together to create the next generation of high-end parking experiences for customers on private grounds and in parking lots. All of the car’s functions, from “Automated Manoeuvre Assistance” to “Level 4 Automated Valet Parking,” will be based on technology and sensors, the companies said in a press release.

Over the course of the collaboration, more than 100 R&D experts from both companies will work together to make these automated parking solutions. The software is based on the current software stack for automated parking, which was first used in the BMW iX in 2021. In the next generation, it will be made even better by a powerful computer platform that will host the algorithms that were made by both groups.

“This joint development is a big step forward for the BMW Group’s next generation of self-driving and self-parking cars. With scalable L4 parking experiences, we solidify and improve our position as the market leader in this area. To make truly amazing end-user functions, you need state-of-the-art software and hardware in all parts of the digital value chain, as well as the power of a fleet data ecosystem.

With this strategic partnership, the BMW Group is excited to make its long-term relationship with Valeo even stronger. We want to keep giving our customers world-class driving and parking experiences,” Senior Vice President of Driving Experience for the BMW Group, Nicolai Martin, said.

“We’re proud of how long the BMW Group and Valeo have worked together. The co-development and deployment of Automated Parking solutions will make it possible for BMW’s upcoming series production vehicles to operate without a driver at Level 4.

Building on parts of the software stack that have already been sold, this partnership will allow us to use our knowledge and technologies, such as advanced AI-based computer vision algorithms, to expand our portfolio to include L4 functions and cloud services. Other automakers will be able to use this platform. “BMW once again sets the standard for the easiest and most pleasant user experience, which is what its customers expect,” said Marc Vrecko, President of Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group.

Automated Valet Parking

With Automated Valet Parking (AVP), drivers and passengers can park without any help from a person. At a drop-off zone, the driver gets out of the car, and the car takes over tasks like finding a parking spot and making the necessary moves to get in and out of the spot. It can also drive back to a pick-up zone to bring the car back to the driver. To get the most out of the parking time, extra services like fully automated charging or washing can be put in place. The release said that these features give real customers comfort and safety benefits.

A draught of an upcoming ISO standard says that Type 1 and Type 2 systems will be the main groups for Automated Valet Parking systems. For a Type 1 system, the necessary technologies (including all sensors, computing units, and algorithms) run on the vehicle. For a Type 2 system, the necessary technologies (including sensors and the AVP management system) are installed in the relevant infrastructure, such as a parking facility, and the vehicle is controlled by the infrastructure.

The release said that the partnership works with both AVP Type 1 and Type 2 and will try to find the most advanced solutions for next-generation parking experiences up to Level 4, based on what the market and customers want.

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