BH Series Number Plate – Benefits & Procedure to Apply

If you’re a car enthusiast in India, you’re likely familiar with the BH Series Number Plates, which have been making waves in the Indian automotive community. These plates, also known as the BH number plate, are a recent addition to the Indian vehicle registration system and have been gaining significant attention. The BH Series is a commendable initiative by the Indian government aimed at standardizing the vehicle registration process across the country.

With the introduction of the BH Series, vehicle owners now have the flexibility to register their vehicles in any state of India without the need to change their number plate. Previously, whenever an individual relocated to a different state, they were required to modify their vehicle registration number and acquire a new number plate in accordance with the regulations of the new state. This often led to a great deal of inconvenience and hassle for vehicle owners, who had to undergo the entire registration process from scratch.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the BH Series Registration Plates, exploring how to obtain them and the numerous benefits they offer. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of this new system. So, let’s delve into the details!

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What is the BH series number plate?

In 2021, the Indian government introduced the BH series, a new vehicle registration series aimed at streamlining the registration process nationwide. These registration plates offer numerous benefits to vehicle owners, making them an appealing choice. One significant advantage is the ability to transfer vehicles between states without the need to change the number plate. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals frequently relocated due to work, saving them time and money.

The BH series registration plates adhere to a standard size of 520 mm x 110 mm, with laser-embossed characters. The registration number follows a specific format, consisting of four alphabets, four numerals, and concluding with the BH prefix. Authorized dealers or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) are the designated sources for purchasing the BH number plates.

Why was the BH series number plate launched?

The BH series number plate was launched to establish a standardized vehicle registration process across India. Previously, each state had its own rules and regulations for registration, causing inconvenience for individuals who frequently traveled or relocated to different states. The introduction of the BH number plate eliminates the need to change registration numbers when moving to a new state, providing convenience to vehicle owners.

By implementing a uniform design for the number plates, the BH series helps combat fraudulent activities by enabling authorities to easily identify the registration state of a vehicle. This is particularly important in a time when vehicle theft and fraud cases are increasing.

BH Series Number Plate: Decoding

The BH series number plate, also known as the Bharat Series, was introduced by the Indian government to streamline vehicle registration for individuals with transferable jobs. Unlike previous number plate formats, where the first two initials represented the registration state, the BH series replaces the state initials with “BH.” This change eliminates the hassle of changing the registration number every time the owner moves to a new state.

The format of the BH series number plate is YY BH #### XX, where YY represents the year of vehicle registration under the Bharat Series, and BH stands for Bharat Series. The “####” denotes a unique four-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999, and the “XX” represents two random letters from AA to ZZ.

Currently, the BH series number plate is available only for private vehicles. However, the government may consider extending it to commercial vehicles in the future.

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BH Series Number Plate: Eligibility

To be eligible for a Bharat series number plate, individuals must have a transferable job. This initiative aims to simplify the vehicle registration process for defense personnel, central and state government employees, employees of public sector undertakings (PSUs), and employees of private companies with offices in five or more states and union territories.

The introduction of the BH series number plate ensures that vehicle registration remains consistent regardless of the state in which the owner resides. This saves time, effort, and money that would otherwise be spent on changing the registration number. Overall, the BH series is a progressive step towards a unified and standardized vehicle registration system in India.

Road tax for BH series cars

Under the regular number plate system, buyers typically pay the road tax upfront for a period of 15 years at the time of vehicle purchase. The road tax amount varies across states and is calculated based on factors such as vehicle length and engine capacity.

However, cars with a Bharat series number plate enjoy a more lenient road tax regime. When purchasing a vehicle with the Bharat series registration, owners are required to pay road tax for only 2 years upfront. Subsequently, the road tax must be paid every 2 years, depending on the state of residence.

To facilitate easy payment, owners of Bharat series vehicles can conveniently pay their road tax online through the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Notably, the road tax for these vehicles is calculated based on the invoice value of the vehicle, rather than the standard ex-showroom price. This difference can lead to cost savings for buyers.

For Bharat series vehicles valued below 10 lakhs, the road tax rate is 8%. For vehicles valued between 10 and 20 lakhs, the road tax rate is 10%. Finally, for vehicles valued above 20 lakhs, the road tax under the Bharat series is set at 12%.

Pros & cons of BH series number plate


  • It makes it possible for vehicles to move freely across India. This makes it easier for people whose jobs move them to register their cars in a new state.
  • When compared to regular number plates, the road tax for BH series vehicles is cheaper, which can save a lot of money over time.
  • The road tax for BH series cars costs less up front because owners only have to pay for two years instead of 15 years.


  • The numbers on these plates are chosen at random, so the people who own the cars don’t get to choose what number goes on them.
  • People with the new set of license plates have to pay road taxes every two years, which can be a hassle for some.
  • Commercial vehicles can’t get these license plates, so this benefit is only offered to people who own private vehicles.

How to apply for a BH series number plate Online?

Here are the steps for applying for a BH series number plate online, presented in a more concise and organized point format:

1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) e-vahan portal.
2. Click on the “Vehicle Registration” tab on the homepage.
3. Select “Bharat Series” from the dropdown menu.
4. Fill in your vehicle registration details, including:
– Name
– Address
– Vehicle make and model
– Engine number
– Chassis number
5. Upload the required documents, including:
– Proof of eligibility
– Address proof
6. Proceed to pay the applicable registration fees.
7. After successfully submitting the application, you will receive an acknowledgement slip with a unique application number.
8. Wait for the verification process to be completed.
9. Once your documents and eligibility are verified, your BH series number plate will be issued.

Remember to follow any additional instructions or requirements provided on the website for a smooth application process.

Highlights of the BH Series Vehicle Registration

Name of the Mark Bharat Series Marks (BH-Series)
Concerned Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
Concerned Act The Motor Vehicles Act
Rule Central Motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment) Rules
Date of Introduction/ Launch 28th August 2021
Introduced For Non-Transport vehicles
Purpose To ease the registration process for a vehicle moving to a new state
Applicability Across India
Starting of the registration process 15th August 2021
Mode of registration Online
Implementation Throughout India
Official Portal

BH Series Number Plate: Should You Get One?

If you meet the eligibility criteria for registering a BH series vehicle, acquiring one can prove highly advantageous. The primary benefit of this new registration series is its ability to facilitate unrestricted vehicle movement throughout India. Furthermore, BH series vehicles enjoy a lower road tax slab and entail reduced upfront costs. Nonetheless, individuals without a transferable job may find limited utility in obtaining a BH series number plate.

BH series number plate: what changes can we expect in 2023?

In 2023, significant changes are expected in the BH series number plate system, bringing about a fresh format for registration numbers. The current initials, “22,” will be replaced with “23,” reflecting the new year. Additionally, a new set of random numbers will be generated by the computer for the XXXX series, resulting in a completely revamped registration number format. There is also a possibility of altering the last set of letters.

Moreover, the government has introduced a welcome change by allowing regular registration owners to opt for the BH series registration mark. This progressive decision aims to extend the advantages of the BH series number plate to a larger number of people. However, it is essential to note that individuals still need to meet the eligibility criteria before applying for these registration plates.

Overall, the Bharat Series Registration Plates have ushered in a new era in Indian vehicle registration. The introduction of these number plates has simplified and streamlined the registration process, especially for individuals with transferable jobs. Furthermore, the periodic road tax payments have facilitated easier movement across the country for such individuals.

If you are eligible for the BH series registration, why not seize the opportunity? Joining this distinctive community could prove beneficial, potentially increasing your vehicle’s resale value. Embrace the change and explore the advantages that come with being part of the BH series.

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