Best Crossover Cars in India in 2023

Crossover cars are a remarkable breed of vehicles that effortlessly straddle the line between practicality and style, comfort and performance, and versatility and elegance. They epitomize the perfect fusion of a sedan’s smooth ride quality, an SUV’s ruggedness, and a hatchback’s practicality.

The intriguing history of crossover cars dates back to the 1990s when they first emerged in the U.S. market. Originally conceived as a concept to combine the finest attributes of an SUV with the agile driving dynamics of a car, they have since evolved into a sought-after choice for individuals seeking a vehicle that can handle diverse driving conditions with ease.

In India, the popularity of crossover cars has experienced a steady ascent, captivating families and urban commuters alike. Within this blog post, we will delve into the realm of crossover SUVs and explore the best models available in India in 2023. Our comprehensive examination will encompass evaluating their outstanding features, allowing you to gather all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision for your next car purchase.

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey through the captivating world of crossover SUVs in India.

Model Body Type Fuel Type Mileage Ex-showroom Price Used Car Price
Maruti Suzuki S-Cross SUV Petrol, Diesel 18 km/l (Petrol), 23 km/l (Diesel) ₹8 lakh-₹12.07 lakh ₹3.75 lakh
Datsun redi-GO Hatchback Petrol 20.71 km/l (Manual) and 22 km/l (AMT) ₹3.83 lakh-₹4.98 lakh ₹2.90 lakh
Honda WR-V SUV Petrol 23.7 km/l (Petrol) ₹8 lakh onwards ₹7.76 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ignis Hatchback Petrol 20.08 km/l (Petrol) ₹5.17 lakh-₹7.70 lakh ₹4.53 lakh
Tata Tiago Hatchback Petrol, CNG 20 km/l (Petrol), 26 km/kg(CNG) ₹5.40 lakh-₹7.82 lakh ₹4.47 lakh
Kia Seltos SUV Petrol 18 km/l ₹10.89 lakh-₹19.65 lakh ₹11.89 lakh
Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Hatchback Petrol 24.76 km/l (Petrol) ₹4.25 lakh-₹6.10 lakh ₹4.70 lakh
Renault Kwid Hatchback Petrol 21.07 km/l (Petrol) ₹4.64 lakh-₹6.09 lakh ₹3.92 lakh
Mahindra XUV300 SUV Petrol, Diesel 17 km/l (Petrol), 20 km/l (Diesel) ₹8.41 lakh-₹14.07 lakh ₹8.82 lakh
Mahindra Thar SUV Petrol, Diesel 12 km/l (Petrol), 15.2 km/l (Diesel) ₹13.59 lakh-₹16.29 lakh ₹14.86 lakh

1. Maruti S-Cross

The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is a reliable and affordable crossover car, making it an excellent choice for car buyers in India. As one of India’s most trusted and popular car manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki has a track record of designing exceptional vehicles that cater to the needs of the Indian market. The S-Cross lives up to this reputation.

The car is available with a 1.3-litre diesel engine that generates 89 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. With an impressive mileage of 23 km/litre, the S-Cross is fuel-efficient and ideal for both long drives and daily commutes, especially for those seeking a high-mileage diesel car.

In addition to the diesel variant, there is also a 1.5-litre petrol option with 103 bhp and 138 Nm of torque. The S-Cross 1.6 diesel variant, though discontinued, remains popular among enthusiasts and commands a premium in the used car market. With 118 bhp and 320 Nm of torque, the Alpha 1.6 offered a thrilling driving experience.

The S-Cross boasts a sleek and stylish design that is sure to catch attention. Its features, including projector headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and a bold front grille, give the car a sophisticated and elegant look.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹8 lakh-₹12.07 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 89 bhp (Diesel), 103 bhp, (Petrol), 118 bhp (1.6 Diesel)
Maximum Torque 200 Nm (1.3 Diesel), 320 Nm (1.6 Diesel), 138 Nm (1.5 Petrol)
Engine 1,248 cc -1598 cc
Transmission Manual
Fuel Type Diesel, Petrol
Mileage 18 km/l-23 km/l
Seating Capacity 5

Maruti S-Cross Key Features:

Smartplay Infotainment System with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
Automatic Climate Control with rear AC vents
Smart Keyless Entry with Push-Button Start/Stop
LED Projector Headlamps with LED DRLs
Cruise Control for a relaxed highway driving experience

2. Datsun redi-GO

The Datsun redi-GO is a stylish and affordable crossover designed for city driving. With its 0.8-liter three-cylinder petrol engine producing 67 bhp and 91 Nm of torque, it offers sufficient power for urban challenges. You can choose between a five-speed manual gearbox or a five-speed AMT, depending on the variant.

One of the redi-GO’s standout features is its fashionable appearance. Its hexagonal grille, pointed headlights, and muscular bonnet give it a sporty and distinctive look that sets it apart from other hatchbacks. Additionally, it boasts an impressive ground clearance of 187 mm, enabling it to tackle rough roads comfortably.

Despite its small size, the redi-GO doesn’t compromise on essential features. It includes a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, and a reverse parking camera, making parking in tight spaces effortless. Furthermore, it prioritizes safety with dual airbags and anti-lock brakes, providing drivers with added peace of mind.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi):  ₹3.83 lakh-₹4.98 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 67.1 bhp @ 5,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 91 Nm @ 4,250 rpm
Engine 0.8-litre, 3-cylinder Petrol Engine
Transmission 5-speed Manual gearbox or 5-speed AMT
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 20.71 km/l (Manual) and 22 km/l (AMT)
Seating Capacity 5

Datsun redi-GO Key Features:

High ground clearance of 187mm for better handling on Indian roads.
A spacious and comfortable cabin despite its compact size.
Sleek and sporty exterior design with a hexagonal grille and pointed headlights.
Available in vibrant colours such as Vivid Blue and Racing Red.
An optional 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

3. Honda WR-V

The Honda WR-V is a stylish and sophisticated crossover designed specifically for Indian roads. With its sleek design, advanced features, and superior performance, it is the ideal choice for urban adventurers.

Equipped with a 1.2L petrol engine and a 5-speed manual transmission, the WR-V delivers a smooth and efficient ride. Its suspension system, featuring a MacPherson Strut and Coil Spring in the front and a Twisted Torsion Beam and Coil Spring in the rear, ensures a comfortable ride while enhancing handling and stability.

Safety is a top priority in the WR-V, which comes with advanced features such as an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution, dual front airbags, and parking sensors. These features provide a comprehensive safety package, giving drivers peace of mind on the road.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹8 lakh onwards

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 88.76 bhp 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 110 Nm @ 4,800 rpm
Engine 1,199 cc
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 23.7 km/l (Petrol)
Seating Capacity 5

Honda WR-V Key Features:

Adjustable front-row headrests
Adjustable Steering Column
Cooled Glove Box
Multifunction Steering Wheel
Electric sunroof
Advanced touch panel automatic climate control
7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Smart entry system with push-button start/stop
Cruise control

4. Maruti Suzuki Ignis

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a premium crossover designed for modern urban drivers. It combines style, performance, and practicality seamlessly. With its sleek and sophisticated design, the Ignis stands out in the subcompact crossover segment.

The Ignis offers a range of premium features, including a touchscreen infotainment system, automatic climate control, and keyless entry. These features enhance the overall driving experience and make the Ignis a feature-packed choice.

Powered by a reliable 1.2L petrol engine, similar to the one used in the Swift, the Ignis delivers a smooth and efficient ride. It offers both manual and automatic transmission options, adding to its versatility.

Available in four trims—Sigma, Delta, Alpha, and Zeta—the Ignis caters to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize style, performance, or practicality, the Ignis has you covered.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹5.17 lakh-₹7.70 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 82 bhp
Maximum Torque 113 Nm
Engine 1,197cc
Transmission 5-speed Manual and AMT
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 20.08 km/l (Petrol)
Seating Capacity 5

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Key Features:

Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti-lock Braking System
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Automatic Climate Control
Fog Lights – Front

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5. Tata Tiago

The Tata Tiago is a highly regarded crossover car in India in 2023, renowned for its remarkable design and spacious interiors perfectly suited for urban driving. Since its introduction in 2016, it has consistently been a popular choice among Indian drivers, delivering a comfortable ride both in city traffic and on highways. With a 4-star GNCAP safety rating, the Tiago ensures a secure driving experience, thanks to its sturdy construction and peace of mind on the road.

What truly distinguishes the Tata Tiago is its environmentally friendly and cost-effective CNG-powered variant. The Tata Tiago XZ+ CNG model features a manual gearbox, empowering drivers with greater control over their driving experience. Additionally, the petrol-powered Tiago XZ+/XZA+ variants offer an engaging driving experience.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹5.40 lakh-₹7.82 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 84.82 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 113 Nm @ 3,300 rpm
Engine 1.2-litre Petrol/1.2-litre Petrol Engine with CNG kit
Transmission 5-speed Manual and 5-speed AMT
Fuel Type Petrol, CNG
Mileage 20 km/l (Petrol), 26 km/kg(CNG)
Seating Capacity 5

Tata Tiago Key Features:

Dual front airbags
7-inch touchscreen infotainment system
Projector headlights
8-speaker Harman Sound System

6. Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is a standout crossover with a 1,493 cc Diesel or 1,497 cc Petrol engine, offering 113 bhp power and 250 Nm torque. Its 5-speed manual and AMT transmission suit both urban and highway driving. With a commendable mileage of 16 km/l in petrol and 18 km/l in diesel, it competes strongly in India’s crossover market.

The Seltos excels in modern design, spacious cabin, and well-equipped features. Its powerful engine, advanced transmission, and impressive fuel efficiency ensure reliable and efficient performance, all while maintaining style and sophistication.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹10.89 lakh-₹19.65 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 113 bhp (Diesel)
Maximum Torque 144 Nm (Petrol), 250 Nm (Diesel)
Engine 1,497 cc (Petrol), 1,493 cc (Diesel)
Transmission 5-speed Manual and AMT
Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
Mileage 16 km/l (Petrol), 18 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity 5

Kia Seltos Key Features:

Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti-Lock Braking System
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Wheel Covers
Automatic Climate Control
Fog Lights – Front

7. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is a compact crossover car designed for India’s diverse driving conditions. With a high ground clearance of 180 mm, it effortlessly handles rough and uneven roads. Its SUV-inspired design gives it a powerful presence and makes it visually appealing.

The S-Presso is equipped with an advanced AMT gearbox, ensuring a smooth driving experience, especially during long journeys. It prioritizes safety with features like ABS, dual airbags, and reverse parking sensors. These aspects contribute to its excellent value for money.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹4.25 lakh-₹6.10 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 66 bhp
Maximum Torque 89 Nm
Engine 998 cc
Transmission 5-speed Manual and AMT
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 24.76 km/l (Petrol)
Seating Capacity 5

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Key Features:

Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti-Lock Braking System
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Wheel Covers

8. Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid, despite being positioned as an entry-level hatchback, exceeds expectations for its segment. It has gained popularity among Indian car buyers for its versatility, style, and value for money. With a ground clearance of 184 mm, the Kwid offers a reliable ride on various terrains.

What truly distinguishes the Kwid is its range of premium features that rival higher-priced models. It boasts an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a digital instrument cluster, and LED daytime running lights. Additionally, buyers can choose between two petrol engine options and opt for a manual or AMT gearbox.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹4.64 lakh-₹6.09 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 67 bhp @ 3,750 rpm
Maximum Torque 91 Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
Engine 999 cc
Transmission 5-speed Manual and AMT
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 21.07 km/l (Petrol)
Seating Capacity 5

Renault Kwid Key Features:

Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti-Lock Braking System
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Wheel Covers
Multi-function Steering Wheel

9. Mahindra XUV300

The Mahindra XUV300 is widely regarded as one of the best crossover SUVs in India. It stands out with its rugged yet stylish appearance and impressive performance, offering a perfect blend of style and substance. Packed with a plethora of features, the XUV300 is sure to captivate any car enthusiast. Notable features include dual-zone automatic climate control, a sunroof, a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system, luxurious leatherette upholstery, a rearview camera, and front and rear parking sensors.

However, what truly distinguishes the XUV300 is its unwavering commitment to safety. It has been awarded a prestigious 5-star safety rating by Global NCAP, solidifying its position as the safest SUV in its segment. Equipped with an array of safety features such as 7 airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), hill start assist, and disc brakes on all four wheels, the XUV300 ensures a secure and comfortable journey for its occupants.

In essence, the Mahindra XUV300 excels in both style and substance, offering a robust and visually appealing design coupled with remarkable performance. Its extensive range of features and its unrivaled commitment to safety make it a top choice among crossover SUVs in India.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹8.41 lakh-₹14.07 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 110 bhp (Petrol)/117 bhp (Diesel)
Maximum Torque 200 Nm (Petrol)/300 Nm (Diesel)
Engine 1.2-litre Turbo (Petrol)/1.5-litre Turbo (Diesel)
Transmission 6-speed Manual, 6-speed AMT
Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
Mileage 17 km/l (Petrol), 20 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity 5

Mahindra XUV300 Key Features:

7-inch touchscreen infotainment system
Automatic cruise control
Automatic air-conditioning
Rain-sensing windshield wipers
7 airbags
Parking sensors
ABS with EBD
Corner braking control

10. Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar has long been revered as a beloved off-road vehicle in India, and its second-generation model has elevated the driving experience to new heights. With its robust exterior design and unparalleled off-road capabilities, the Thar emerges as the ultimate choice for thrill-seekers and off-road enthusiasts. However, what truly sets it apart and positions it as one of the finest crossover SUVs in India is its exceptional performance and versatility.

Under the hood, the Thar is equipped with a potent 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine, capable of unleashing 130 bhp of power and an impressive 300 Nm of torque when paired with a manual transmission. Opting for the automatic variant, on the other hand, grants you even more power, with the engine delivering 150 bhp and a robust 320 Nm of torque. Alternatively, for those inclined towards diesel, the Thar offers a reliable 2.2L diesel engine, generating 130 bhp of power and 300 Nm of torque. These powertrains ensure that the Thar effortlessly conquers any terrain you throw its way.

What truly sets the Thar apart is its remarkable ease of maneuverability, both within the confines of the city and during extensive drives. Despite its imposing size, the Thar feels surprisingly nimble and agile, making it a breeze to navigate through urban environments. Its true potential, however, is unlocked during long drives, where it truly shines and showcases its prowess. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, the Thar guarantees an exhilarating experience like no other.

However, it’s worth noting that the Thar does come with a minor limitation in terms of boot space. If you’re planning to travel with a group of four, it is advisable to pack light due to the limited storage capacity. Nevertheless, this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the outstanding performance and joyous driving experience that the Thar delivers.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹13.59 lakh-₹16.29 lakh

Key Specifications Details
Maximum Power 130 bhp (Petrol)/150bhp (Diesel)
Maximum Torque 300 Nm (Petrol)/320 Nm (Diesel)
Engine 2.2-litre turbocharged (Diesel)/1.5-litre Turbocharged (Petrol)
Transmission 6-speed Manual, 6-speed AMT
Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
Mileage 12 km/l (Petrol), 15.2 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity 5

Mahindra Thar Key Features:

4 Wheel Drive System
Multi-function steering wheel
Waterproof Touchscreen Infotainment
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Dual Front Airbags
ABS with EBD
Fog lamps
Alloy Wheels


In conclusion, the Indian automobile market is filled with a variety of options, but these top 10 best crossover cars stand out from the crowd. From the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross that delivers on power, mileage and affordability, to the Datsun redi-GO, which is a stylish and efficient hatchback that won’t break the bank, these cars cater to different needs and preferences of Indian consumers. The Honda WR-V and the Tata Tiago are also great options for those looking for petrol crossovers that offer good mileage and a comfortable driving experience. And for those seeking adventure, the Mahindra Thar and XUV300 SUVs offer powerful engines and off-road capabilities.

In summary, the best crossover cars in India in 2023 provide a wide range of choices for consumers who are looking for fuel-efficient, stylish and affordable vehicles that suit their lifestyles. With cars, consumers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience while also reducing their carbon footprint.

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