Bengaluru Man Chose Childhood Bus Number For His New Tesla

In a heartwarming tribute to his childhood memories, an Indian man living in the US recently paid homage to his childhood bus driver and the bus itself by incorporating its registration number onto his Tesla car. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased a new red Tesla in the US and customized its license plate number to read “KA1F232” – the exact same number as the bus he rode as a child in Bengaluru.

Growing up in the 1990s in Bengaluru, the man used to take the BMTC bus, driven by a man named K Dhanapal, on route 401B from his home to school. He reminisces sitting near the gear lever, enjoying the ride to Yeshwanthpura from the Vidyaranyapura stop. Over the years, the memories of his bus rides and the care shown by the driver stayed with him.

Now settled in the United States, the man decided to honor his childhood memories and the kindness shown by the bus driver by replicating the bus’s license plate number on his Tesla car. This small gesture speaks volumes about the lasting impact that people and experiences can have on our lives.

The man’s tribute is a beautiful reminder that memories and experiences from our childhood stay with us throughout our lives. It also highlights the importance of acknowledging and honoring the people who have touched our lives in meaningful ways. The BMTC bus driver may not have realized the impact he had on the young child he used to drive to school, but his actions left a lasting impression.

This story is a heartwarming example of the positive impact we can have on others, even in small ways. It reminds us that we never know whose life we might be touching or how our actions may be remembered. It also encourages us to cherish and honor our memories and experiences, and the people who helped shape them.

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