Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Positioned Below Dominar 400: What to Expect

Bajaj Auto, a prominent player in the Indian motorcycle market, is set to unveil its long-awaited masterpiece, the Bajaj Pulsar NS400, on May 3. This highly anticipated addition to the Pulsar lineup promises to redefine the standards of performance and affordability in the 400cc segment.

Engine and Design Insights

The long-awaited Bajaj Pulsar NS400 is set to launch on May 3, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into what this machine has to offer. One significant detail is that it will utilize the existing 373cc engine from the Bajaj Dominar 400, instead of the new-gen 399cc motors from Triumph or KTM. This decision is primarily aimed at controlling costs, crucial for its market competitiveness.

India Launch Details and Pricing

Speculations suggest that the Pulsar NS400 might be priced below the Rs 2 lakh mark, making it the most affordable 400cc bike in the market. Positioned comfortably below the Dominar 400, which currently costs Rs 2.30 lakh, the NS400 aims to provide accessible performance. For reference, the Bajaj Pulsar N250 is priced at about Rs 1.50 lakh, while the NS200 stands at Rs 1.54 lakh.

Performance and Features

With an expected power output of around 40hp, the liquid-cooled motor of the NS400 is anticipated to be similar to the Dominar’s engine, which produces 40hp and 35Nm of torque. The chassis, retaining the steel perimeter unit from the NS200, is likely to undergo some modifications. Notably, the NS400 will feature an upside-down fork, enhancing its agility. Anticipate a lighter motorcycle compared to the 193kg Dominar, although the extent of weight reduction remains to be seen.

Styling and Design Elements

Styling changes over the existing NS200 are expected, albeit not drastic. Leaked images reveal a different headlamp design with a single projector, akin to the newer Pulsar N160 and N250 models. Notably, a lightning bolt-shaped LED DRL adds a distinctive touch to the headlamp assembly. While accommodations for the larger engine might necessitate some alterations in bodywork, the overall design language is likely to remain consistent with current NS motorcycles.

Technological Advancements

The NS400 is expected to feature a new LCD display, incorporating Bluetooth connectivity and electronic assists such as switchable ABS and traction control. These enhancements align with the recent updates seen in the Bajaj Pulsar N250.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 as more information becomes available. Share your thoughts on Bajaj’s upcoming flagship Pulsar in the comments section below.

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