Bajaj Launches Updated Pulsar 220F at Rs 1.40 Lakh

The Bajaj Pulsar 220F, known for its cult following, has been reintroduced after briefly being discontinued to make way for the Pulsar 250F. The immense demand and loyalty of its fan base prompted Bajaj to relaunch this iconic motorcycle. Recently, an updated version of the Bajaj Pulsar 220F has been spotted at dealerships ahead of its official launch.

Key Updates and Features

The updated Bajaj Pulsar 220F showcases several enhancements, including striking new graphics where the ‘220’ branding is prominently displayed, aligning with Bajaj’s design approach seen in the Pulsar N250 update. The most significant addition is the introduction of an LCD screen, replacing the previous part digital-analog display. This modern LCD display, similar to the one seen on the Pulsar N160, now supports Bluetooth connectivity and offers turn-by-turn navigation.

Additionally, Bajaj has incorporated a new set of switchgear to seamlessly navigate through the features of the LCD screen. For added convenience, a USB charging socket has been integrated next to the screen, facilitating device mounting and charging on the go. These updates come at a marginal price increase of approximately Rs 2,500.

Technical Specifications

Despite these updates, the mechanical core of the Pulsar 220F remains unchanged. It retains its robust 220cc air/oil-cooled engine, delivering 20.4hp and 18.5Nm of torque, coupled with a reliable 5-speed gearbox. Since its debut in 2009, the Pulsar 220F continues to be one of Bajaj’s top-selling Pulsar models, emphasizing its enduring popularity and performance in the market.

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