Ather Energy to Open Third Manufacturing Facility in Maharashtra

Ather Energy has announced plans to establish its third manufacturing facility in Bidkin, Maharashtra. This new plant will produce the company’s line-up of electric scooters as well as battery packs.

Currently, Ather operates two manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu—one dedicated to battery production and the other to vehicle assembly. The new facility in Maharashtra aims to bring Ather closer to key markets, thereby reducing logistics costs and expediting the delivery of e-scooters to customers.

Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, stated, “Maharashtra offers a conducive business environment and continues to be a top destination for investments. We are delighted to welcome Ather to Maharashtra, strengthening the state’s position as India’s leading automotive and manufacturing hub.” On social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Fadnavis added that Ather’s investment of over Rs 2000 crore is expected to generate employment for approximately 4000 people.

Swapnil Jain, Co-founder and CTO of Ather Energy, remarked, “Since 2021, our Hosur facilities have served as our national manufacturing hub, meeting demand across the country. With support from the Tamil Nadu government and a strong supplier base, these existing facilities remain vital for Ather. However, with our expanding product portfolio and growing consumer demand, we strategically chose to diversify our production capabilities by adding a location closer to key markets.”

Jain further expressed gratitude to the Maharashtra government for its supportive policies fostering EV manufacturing and growth, noting that the new facility will not only streamline logistics but also speed up product deliveries.

In response to the rising demand for electric two-wheelers, particularly scooters, Ather Energy is focusing on increasing production capacity, expanding its product range, and enhancing its showroom and charging infrastructure across India. Currently, Ather operates over 200 dealerships and has installed more than 1900 Ather Grid fast chargers nationwide.

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