Ather Energy Launches New Entry-Level 450X Electric Scooter: Affordable and Sporty

Ather Energy, a leading electric scooter manufacturer in India, has recently launched an entry-level version of its popular 450X electric scooter. The new variant comes at a price of Rs 98,183 (ex-showroom, Delhi with FAME II and state subsidy) and is aimed at customers who want a no-frills 450X without making major compromises. The new variant is around Rs 11,000 cheaper than the previous top-spec variant of the 450X, making it a more affordable option for those looking to purchase an electric scooter.

The Ather 450X entry-level variant shares the same design, chassis, wheels, suspension, and color options as the higher-spec model. Both variants feature a 6.4kW motor with a maximum torque of 26Nm, a top speed of 90kph, and a gradability of 20 degrees.

However, Ather has managed to introduce the new, lower-spec 450X by omitting a host of features. The entry-level variant does not have any ride modes, and instead, there is only a default mode that offers acceleration and performance in the same ballpark as what the Ride mode offers in the Pro Pack-equipped scooter.

The entry-level variant also lacks park assist (reverse feature), hill-hold assist, Bluetooth connectivity, and the 4G LTE sim. This means there can be no live tracking, GPS navigation, or OTA updates. Even the 7-inch touchscreen display has a more basic, grayscale color interface instead of the multi-color display on the top variant.

One major difference between the two variants is the charging time. The lower-spec variant has the same 3.7kWh battery pack as the higher-spec model but comes with a significantly slower home charger. While the Pro Pack variant takes 5 hours and 40 minutes to charge, the entry-level variant takes 15 hours and 20 minutes. It is important to note that the base 450X cannot be charged at Ather’s fast charging network as well. Ather Energy has not confirmed whether customers can buy the faster home charger that comes with the Pro Pack variant.

The base 450X comes with a 3-year/30,000km warranty, while the Pro Pack variant has a 5-year/60,000km warranty. The warranty on the vehicle and charger is the same for both variants at 3 years/30,000km.

The new pricing for the entry-level Ather 450X puts it on par with competitors such as the TVS iQube S (with the cost of the TVS charger included) and the Ola S1. The Ather 450X entry-level variant offers better performance and top speed than the TVS iQube S. On the other hand, the Ola S1 is marginally slower than the Ather 450X from 0-40kph but has a marginally higher top speed of 95kph, while the Ather tops out at 90kph. The Ola’s certified range is also slightly lower at 141km compared to Ather’s 146km.

The Ather 450X has become a lot more affordable than before, making it an attractive option for those looking for sporty performance on a budget. The entry-level variant does miss out on some features, but it is still a good value proposition. The Pro Pack-equipped 450X, which costs an additional Rs 30,000, offers more features, including a fast charger, making it a strong contender for those who desire a fully-loaded electric scooter.

In conclusion, the Ather 450X entry-level variant is an excellent option for those who want a more affordable electric scooter without making significant compromises. With its sporty performance and attractive pricing.

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