2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT First Drive

General Motors is boldly entering the realm of all-electric pickup trucks with the groundbreaking 2024 Chevy Silverado EV Work Truck. This vehicle serves as a pivotal model in GM’s ambitious electrification plan and showcases the company’s commitment to introducing cutting-edge electric technology to its loyal truck enthusiasts. Just as the Ford F-150 is to Ford, the Silverado is to Chevy and GM, making the Silverado EV a crucial addition to compete against rivals like the F-150 Lightning while setting new benchmarks in the segment.

Unveiling the Work Truck Model

The Silverado EV Work Truck offers a first-hand experience of a fleet and commercial-focused variant. Its design prioritizes functionality over flashiness, with unpainted elements on the front fascia for easier production and durability against scratches.

The RST model’s 24-inch wheels are replaced with robust 18-inch aluminum wheels featuring high-sidewall tires. Instead of an air suspension, a non-adjustable steel spring setup ensures reliability and durability. The interior features an 11-inch infotainment screen and all-black upholstery, reflecting the work-oriented nature of the Work Truck. The midgate feature found in other Silverado models will not be available in the WT model, limiting the bed size to a respectable 5-foot, 11-inch configuration.

Powertrain and Performance

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Built on GM’s advanced Ultium electric car platform, the Silverado EV shares technology with its sibling, the GMC Hummer EV. Although specific battery details have not been disclosed, expectations point to a substantial 200-kWh battery pack. This translates to impressive performance figures for the WT model, with 510 horsepower, an astonishing 615 lb-ft of torque, a payload capacity of up to 1,440 pounds, and a remarkable towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds (expandable to 20,000 pounds with an upcoming max-tow package).

The inclusion of seven standard outlets offering 7.2 kW of offboard power, expandable to ten outlets delivering 10.2 kW of off-board power with an optional accessory power bar, showcases the Silverado EV’s versatility for on-site power needs.

Dominating Range

The Silverado EV’s most significant feature is its astounding range capabilities. Chevy claims the Silverado EV 4WT variant achieves an EPA-estimated range of 450 miles on a single charge, surpassing its current rivals, the F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T, by a substantial margin. The subsequent 3WT and RST First Edition models are reported to offer ranges of 350 and 400 miles, respectively. However, independent testing will be necessary to conclusively validate these figures.

Driving Dynamics: Striking the Perfect Balance


While exhilarating acceleration can be an entertaining EV novelty, it’s important to strike a balance for everyday driving. In this aspect, the Silverado EV WT excels. With a seamless driving experience similar to any other truck, the WT blends into the driving experience effortlessly. The natural steering feel, aided by a well-sized and ergonomically pleasing steering wheel, adds to the enjoyable driving dynamics. The power and acceleration are more than sufficient, delivering manageability without overwhelming the driver.

The regenerative braking system is customizable, allowing drivers to tailor the aggression according to their preferences. The braking system transitions seamlessly between regenerative and friction braking, resulting in smooth deceleration without any abruptness. The engineering team dedicated significant effort to ensure optimal stopping power and regenerative force, resulting in a refined and satisfying braking experience.

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While the choice of steel springs in the WT model may lead to a slightly stiffer ride than desired, it is crucial to consider the intended market and

the durability these springs provide, which outweigh the minor comfort compromise. Higher trim levels, such as the RST, will likely offer the option of an air suspension system, catering to those seeking a more plush ride.

Practical Towing Capabilities

Testing the Silverado EV WT’s towing prowess confirms its ability to handle a 10,000-pound load with confidence. The acceleration, although slightly slower due to the added weight, remains smooth and predictable. Braking while towing demands a touch of anticipation due to the increased mass, but with practice, it becomes intuitive. The inclusion of real-time range estimates during towing empowers drivers with essential information to plan their trips effectively, ensuring a seamless towing experience.

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Price Considerations

While the speculated base price of $41,000 for the Silverado EV has yet to be confirmed, the evaluated Work Truck model starts at $79,800. This substantial price tag may deter some potential customers as it seems disproportionately high for a basic work truck configuration.

Chevy has indicated that the Silverado EV lineup will start in the $50,000 range, with pricing increasing as you move up the trim levels. While the advanced battery technology and innovative platform justify the premium pricing to some extent, it may be challenging to accept the relatively basic interior and potentially less-refined ride quality in the WT model.


In its debut iteration, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV Work Truck emerges as a compelling contender in the electric pickup truck domain. Its impressive range capabilities, towing capacities, and work-oriented design cater to fleet and commercial customers who prioritize functionality and efficiency.

However, a comprehensive evaluation encompassing real-world testing and a closer analysis of its value proposition is warranted. The Silverado EV represents a significant stride by General Motors in embracing electrification, hinting at an exciting future for Chevy’s electric vehicle lineup. The work truck segment now has a new electric contender, marking only the beginning of this exciting era.

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