10 Best EVs In With Highest Range In The Market

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility and are slowly gaining traction in India. While the adoption rate has been slow, it is steadily increasing with several manufacturers now expanding their range of electric cars on offer. As the input costs of EVs continue to come down with increased localization and more energy-efficient technologies, we can expect the ratio of range and affordability to become more level.

Until then, buyers can choose from a range of electric cars with impressive driving ranges. Here are the top 10 electric cars with the maximum range offered in India.

1. Mercedes-Benz EQS

Claimed range: 857km

Mercedes-Benz EQS is the current leader in terms of range, with a claimed range of 857 km on a single charge. The EQS is offered with a 107.8 kWh battery pack and comes with a 10-year or 250,000 km warranty. Mercedes-Benz will use a 400V electric architecture, making it capable of handling high-speed DC charging.

2. Kia EV6

Claimed range: 708km

The Kia EV6 comes with a 77.4 kWh battery pack and has a claimed driving range of 708 km on a single charge. It is offered in two variants – GT Line and GT Line AWD. The AWD variant uses two electric motors for a peak output of 325PS and 605Nm. The EV6 supports both AC and DC fast charging (over 100kW).

3. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Claimed range: 631km

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a sleek and futuristic-looking electric SUV. It comes with a 72.6 kWh battery pack and a single motor churning out 217PS and 350Nm. It offers an ARAI claimed range of 631km and has a 5-minute charge time for 100km of range.

4. BMW i7

Claimed range: 625km

The BMW i7 xDrive 60 model boasts an impressive 544hp and 745Nm output generated by its two electric motors on each axle. According to BMW, the i7 can achieve 0-100kph in 4.7 seconds and has a maximum speed limit of 239kph. The electric 7 series can charge up to 11kW on an AC system and up to 195kW on a DC system.

5. BMW i4

Claimed range: 590km

The BMW i4 has two battery pack options – an 80 kWh battery pack and a smaller 63 kWh battery pack. It features a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle and a dual-motor setup with one motor mounted on each axle. It is based on the 3 Series with a similar set of features including the curved integrated displays on the dashboard.

6. BYD Atto 3

Claimed range: 521km

The BYD Atto 3 features a 60.48 kWh battery pack with BYD’s Blade Battery technology. The front-wheel-drive Atto 3 is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor generating 204hp and 310Nm. It can be charged up to 80% in just 50 minutes using an 80kW DC fast charger.

7. Audi e-tron GT

Claimed range: 500km

The Audi e-tron GT provides an impressive range of over 500km on a single charge from its 93 kWh battery pack. The electric powertrain of the e-tron GT consists of two electric motors (one at the front and one at the rear). There’s also the sportier RS e-tron GT that produces an outstanding 637hp and 830Nm of torque, and has a claimed range of 481 km.

8. Audi e-tron (SUV)

Claimed range: 484 km

The Audi e-tron SUV features a 95 kWh battery pack and a dual electric motor setup rated at 408 PS and 664 Nm of peak performance. It is offered in a single variant in India. The e-tron SUV also has a coupe-styled body shape option, the e-tron Sportback, which is due for an update later this year.

9. Jaguar I-Pace

Claimed range: 470

The Jaguar I-Pace is an all-electric SUV with a 90 kWh battery pack, dual electric motors, and a combined output of 394 hp and 696 Nm of torque. It is one of the first sporty and luxury electric SUVs to enter the Indian market and stands out for its design in the increasingly crowded segment.

10. MG ZS EV

Claimed range: 461 km

The MG ZS EV is a compact SUV with a 44.5 kWh battery pack and a single electric motor producing 143 hp and 353 Nm of torque. Despite being the most affordable option on this list, it has been updated to offer more range since it first debuted in India.

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