Winners of the Acer Faster Awards 2023 Will Be Announced Today

The winners of the Acer FASTER Awards 2023 will be named tonight at a glittering ceremony in Gurugram. The winners will be congratulated more than two weeks after a group of judges from India’s best online car sites tested different two- and four-wheelers that came out in India last year.

The chosen cars were put to the test in Navi Mumbai by:

1. Amit Chhangani, Editor of Motoroids
2. Ayush Jain is the editor of the newspaper Indian Torque.
3. Gaurav Yadav – Editor, Gaadiwaadi
4. Jobo Kuruvilla – Editor, DriveSpark
5. Narendra Sharma, Editor, Gearfiq
6. Rohit Khurana, Editor of CarblogIndia
7.Roshan Joseph, Editor of Pilot on Wheels

The last jury member, Baiju M. Nair, who is the Editor of Smart Drive, was unable to take part in the jury round on April 12th and 13th at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai due to unforeseen circumstances.

One of the best PC and laptop makers, Acer, is the title sponsor of FASTER Awards 2023. GoPro, which makes the most popular action cameras in the world, and WD40, which is the gold standard for getting rid of moisture, avoiding rust, and loosening parts that are stuck, are both sponsors of the FASTER Awards 2023.

As the data and testing partner for the Acer FASTER Award 2023, Zen Microsystems, one of the best automobile data testing companies in India, will help the judges keep track of the data from the cars they are testing.

Markets & Markets, an independent validation agency, oversaw the Acer FASTER Awards 2023 to make sure that the process was open and unbiased for everyone. The Acer FASTER Awards 2023 are broken up into 4 main categories that have a total of 13 different awards. The titles and awards are as follows:

1. Product Awards
• Car of the Year
• Bike of the Year
• Scooter of the Year
• EV of the Year (4-Wheeler)
• EV of the Year (2-Wheeler)
• Premium Car of the Year
• Premium Bike of the Year

2. Person and Team Awards

• Motorsport Personality of the Year

• Automotive Personality of the Year

• Corporate Communication Team of the Year

• PR Team of the Year

3. Tech Award

• Best Automotive Tech of the Year

4. The Ad Campaign Award

• Automobile Ad Campaign of the Year

Thoughts about the Acer FASTER Awards 2023

At tonight’s Acer FASTER Awards ceremony, the country’s top online automotive writers will give awards to the best cars, bikes, personalities, and minds in the Indian automotive scene.

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