Turno Strengthens Commitment to India’s Ev Goals With Key Leadership

The company strengthens its technology and marketing divisions and names a Head of Battery, Head of Brand, Head of Growth, and Head of Business.

31 January 2023, Bengaluru: Turno, India’s largest commercial electric vehicle (EV) marketplace, has named several key senior leaders. These are meant to help the company reach more people and make it easier, cheaper, faster, and more sustainable for people to use electric vehicles.

Turno is a one-stop shop for buying, financing, guaranteed buyback, and recycling batteries for commercial electric vehicles. Eighty to eighty-five percent of the fuel used in India comes from commercial Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, and the company wants to change all diesel miles to electric miles in the country.

The new appointments include leaders in marketing, sales and technology.
● Karthik Ganesh, Head of Battery
● Anita Devraj Mookherjee, Head of Brand
● Varun Nair, Head of Growth
● Kranthi C, Head of Business

The company strengthens its technology and marketing divisions and names a Head of Battery, Head of Brand, Head of Growth, and Head of Business

Hemanth Aluru, Co-Founder of Turno, said, “We are excited to have some of the best leaders in the industry who are committed to making EVs really common in India.” “We are sure that under their leadership, Turno will become a place where creative people want to work in all departments.”

Sudhindra Reddy, co-founder of Turno, said, “We think Karthik, Anita, Varun, and Kranthi will be great leaders for Turno and EV adoption in India. These people have a lot of vision and skills, and they have chosen to use their skills and work for Turno.

Karthik Ganesh is now the Head of Battery at Turno, where he will work on problems with battery technology and recycling. He has worked with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development (India/Germany), Vestas Wind Systems (India/Denmark), QuantumScape Technologies (USA), EnerVault Systems (USA), and Sun Mobility (USA) (India).

Anita Devraj Mookherjee will be in charge of building the Turno brand in her new role as Head of Brand. She has been recognised and given awards since 2010. In January 2021, IAMAI named her one of the “Top 30 CMOs in India,” and in December 2020, they named her one of the “Top 50 Most Influential E-commerce Professionals.” She used to be the head of marketing at AJIO, where the company grew by ten times during her time there.

Varun Nair and Kranthi C will be in charge of business and growth, respectively. Varun has worked at PayTM, Zoomcar, and LazyPay for more than nine years and has a lot of experience with product and growth. At PayTM Payments Bank, he grew the number of users so that 500 million Indians could use the bank.

After Kranthi graduated from IIT Madras, he joined Zoomcar and helped set up processes and products that could be used for a fleet of 10,000 cars. Later, he became Pitstop’s Head of Business. Varun’s job will be to come up with ways for Turno to grow and to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. Kranthi’s job will be to run the PnL and steer sales revenue.

Senior management will be in charge of putting strategic plans into action to change and shape the future of the rapidly growing EV market. Turno is at the intersection of mobility, financial inclusion, and empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Because of this, it has brought in leaders with cross-functional expertise to help solve the problems that come with EV adoption.

About Turno:

With a market share of more than 35%, Turno is the market leader for commercial EV. Turno helps people, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and businesses buy, finance, buy back, and recycle electric vehicles (EVs). Hemanth Aluru and Sudhindra Reddy, who used to run Zoomcar, started it in 2021. In its first round of funding, it got $3.1 million from Stellaris Venture Partners, Avaana Capital, Angel Investors like Vipul Parekh of BigBasket and Ashish Goel of Urban Ladder, and the Goenka Family Office, among others.

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