Top 5 Bikes With Best Mileage In India

The competitive two-wheeler market in India offers a plethora of bikes designed to cater to daily commuters with excellent mileage. If you’re in the market for a bike that maximizes fuel efficiency, here are the top 5 bikes we’ve tested, delivering the best real-world mileage:

1. Hero Splendor Plus Xtec

Mileage: 83.2 kmpl (city), 95.8 kmpl (highway)

The Hero Splendor Plus Xtec stands out as the highest-selling bike in India, with 2,98,364 units sold in April 2024. Its remarkable mileage performance is attributed to the frugal 97.2cc single-cylinder engine and a light kerb weight of 112 kg. This combination makes the Splendor Plus Xtec an incredibly efficient commuter bike.

2. TVS Star City Plus

Mileage: 83.09 kmpl (city), 66.34 kmpl (highway)

The TVS Star City Plus is next in line, delivering impressive mileage figures. Its 109.7cc single-cylinder engine performs best at city speeds of 35-40 kmph. On the highway, riding at 70 kmph in fourth gear allows for potentially covering over 650 km on a full tank.

3. Hero Xtreme 125R

Mileage: 81.53 kmpl (city), 61.86 kmpl (highway)

Despite being a sporty 125cc bike, the Hero Xtreme 125R surprises with its fuel efficiency. The 125cc single-cylinder engine produces 11.55PS and 10.5Nm, offering a smooth and tractable ride with minimal vibrations until the redline. It comfortably handles city speeds in higher gears, enhancing its commuter-friendly nature.

4. TVS Radeon

Mileage: 73.69 kmpl (city), 68.6 kmpl (highway)

The TVS Radeon proves to be a reliable workhorse with commendable mileage. Sharing the same engine as the TVS Star City Plus, it feels more refined and peppy, with limited vibrations up to the redline. The engine’s bottom-end grunt and crisp throttle response make city overtakes effortless.

5. TVS Raider 125

Mileage: 71.49 kmpl (city), 65.44 kmpl (highway)

The TVS Raider 125, known for setting the sporty 125cc segment on fire, also excels in fuel efficiency. Its 124.8cc single-cylinder three-valve engine offers excellent bottom-end and mid-range performance, living up to its sporty tag. With riding modes like Power and Eco, the Raider 125 adapts to both spirited rides and economical commuting.

These bikes are the best in their class for mileage, making them ideal for daily commuting and long-distance travel alike. Choose the one that suits your needs best and enjoy efficient, hassle-free rides.

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