Tata Tiago EV Prices Revised: Starting from Rs 7.99 Lakh

Tata Motors has recently adjusted the prices for its all-electric hatchback, the Tiago EV, in response to a reduction in battery cell prices. This move aims to make electric vehicles more accessible to consumers. Let’s delve into the updated pricing details for each variant:

Tata Tiago EV Prices (Ex-showroom, India)

Variant New Price Old Price Difference
XE MR Rs 7.99 lakh Rs 8.69 lakh Rs 70,000
XT MR Rs 8.99 lakh Rs 9.34 lakh Rs 35,000
XT LR Rs 9.99 lakh Rs 10.29 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ LR Rs 10.89 lakh Rs 11.09 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ Tech LUX LR Rs 11.39 lakh Rs 11.59 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ LR (with 7.2 kW charger) Rs 11.39 lakh Rs 11.59 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ Tech Lux LR (with 7.2 kW charger) Rs 11.89 lakh Rs 12.09 lakh Rs 20,000

The prices for the Tiago EV MR variants, equipped with the 19.2kWh battery pack, have seen reductions of up to Rs 70,000. On the other hand, prices for the LR variants, featuring the 24kWh battery, have uniformly decreased by Rs 20,000.

Specifications and Features

The Tiago EV with the smaller battery offers a MIDC range of 250km and is powered by a 61hp, 110Nm motor. In contrast, the 24kWh Tiago EV boasts a claimed range of 315km on a single charge and is equipped with a 75hp, 114Nm motor driving the front wheels.

Comparison with Competitors

While the MG Comet EV remains the most affordable all-electric vehicle in India, priced from Rs 6.99 lakh to 8.58 lakh, the Tata Tiago EV holds a broader appeal for its overall practicality and well-roundedness. Although the Comet EV is distinctive and stylish, making it an attractive secondary urban runabout, the Tiago EV consistently outsells it month after month, reflecting the preferences of Indian buyers.

By passing on the benefits of reduced battery costs, Tata Motors aims to further enhance the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market.

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