Suzuki Achieves 25 Million Cumulative Domestic Sales in India

On January 9, 2023, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, which is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in India, reached a milestone that has never been reached before: a total of 25 million sales in India.

In 1982, Suzuki made a deal with Maruti Udyog, which was the company that came before Maruti Suzuki. In December 1983, Maruti 800, Suzuki’s first car, went on sale. Since then, the company has been making cars to meet the changing needs for transportation and has come out with well-known brands like the Alto, WagonR, and Swift by listening to customers in India.

India makes and sells 17 models right now, and Maruti Suzuki is putting more effort into making hybrid and CNG models more popular while also adding more SUV models to its lineup. About 2.1 million units of hybrid and CNG models have been sold so far.

Maruti Suzuki will also build a customer-favorite sales and service network in India, which has more than 3,500 places where people can buy new cars.

Maruti Suzuki will keep making products that are safe, reliable, and good for the environment. This will help the auto industry grow in a sustainable way.

Milestones of 25 million cumulative Indian domestic sales

Dec. 1983 Roll out of the first car Maruti 800
Feb. 2006 Achieves 5 million cumulative sales
Aug. 2010 Starts sales of CNG models
Feb. 2012 Achieves 10 million cumulative sales
Sept. 2015 Starts sales of hybrid models
July 2019 Achieves 20 million cumulative sales
Feb. 2022 Achieves 1 million cumulative sales of CNG models
Jan. 2023 Achieves 25 million cumulative sales
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