Skoda Slavia 1-litre Petrol Review

With the Slavia, Skoda is back in the compact sedan market. Even though there hasn’t been much movement in the segment so far, the Slavia promises to shake things up. Does it have what it takes? Why do we drive?

SUVs are becoming a strong force to be reckoned with, so when Skoda Auto India said it was going to bring in a sedan, especially after the success of the Kushaq, we had to stop and figure out what was going on. But this one is easy. When new versions of the Rapid came out at low prices, sales of the car went up a lot, but we know for sure that the replacement won’t be as cheap.

Then, there was a huge hole that needed to be filled. The Octavia is now more on the high-end side, and the Slavia has taken over.

Skoda Slavia Design

The Slavia is what the Octavia was in India more than 20 years ago, and it looks the same. We’ve been calling it the baby Octy, and that’s exactly what it is. The similarities to the Octavia are even more clear when you look at the crystalline elements on the headlights, the butterfly grille, and the face itself.

But the L-shaped DRLs give the Slavia a unique look, and the 16-inch wheels that come with all the different models give it a great stance. The sloping roofline also adds to the sedan’s overall look. If you look at the back, you’ll see C-shaped LED tail lights and, of course, the Skoda logo on the trunk lid. And I have to say, in this Tornado red colour, it looks very sleek and seductive.

Skoda Slavia Cabin

It does, and there’s a good amount of head and shoulder room up front. From an ergonomic point of view, everything is close at hand. The seat is also comfortable, has good lumbar support, and fits snugly. These are also well-ventilated, which we love. Now, this 10-inch touchscreen system is at the centre of everything.

It gives you all the information you need and has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, but only in the top trim. The 7-inch touchscreen system will be on the lower models. You also get an eight-inch digital instrument cluster with different layout options. Of course, there’s also a sunroof and connected car tech, so Skoda has thought of everything.

Because the wheelbase is long, there is also enough space in the back. The 2651 mm wheelbase and good knee and headroom made the back seat very comfortable for me. There is an air conditioning vent in the back and 2 Ctype chargers for the customers’ convenience. Now, there is good headroom and shoulder room, and the larger glass area also makes the cabin feel bigger. Also, the middle seat has a three-point seatbelt, which is great and gives the Slavia a big thumbs up.

There is more than enough space in the trunk, which is 521 litres, and if you fold down the back seats, you can get 1050 litres, which is a lot.

Skoda Slavia Engine

The turbocharged 1-litre engine puts out 114 bhp, which is enough power for a car this size. It’s fun to drive, and when you point it in the direction you want it to go, it never hesitates. The gearbox is a torque converter unit with 6 speeds, and it’s very responsive. However, it gets loud after 2,300 rpm, so even though the way it drives is refined, there’s a lot of engine noise that gets into the cabin, which is not good for a luxury car.

We had the same problem with the Kushaq, but it has a good mid-range. I was also able to get the manual version.

The 6-speed manual is a lot of fun to drive. Even though the clutch is light, it has a long journey, which could be a problem in traffic. But the throws are short, and that’s a good thing. In fact, shifting gears is nice and quick and easy because you can do it with little effort, maybe just using one finger, and that’s great!

Skodas are known for how well they ride and handle, so people have high hopes for Slavia.

Skoda Slavia Ride And Handling

In terms of ride and handling, the Slavia is a mix of sportiness and comfort, and Skoda has really found the sweet spot here because it has managed to get the combination right. Now, if I drive over this deep pothole, the Slavia handles it just fine, which is great because consumers expect a luxury car to be comfortable. The steering is also well-balanced and doesn’t feel lifeless at all. Crossing the three-digit mark gives it a feeling of weight that makes it great to drive and, of course, interesting for the person behind the wheel as well.

Skoda Slavia Safety Features

The Slavia comes with a lot of safety features as standard. You get ESC, vehicle stability control, brake disc wiping, a multi-collision brake, traction control, and more in the top-of-the-line model, which also comes with 6 airbags. So yes, there was a lot of work done in that area!

Skoda Slavia Price

Now, the price is the only thing left to do. Skoda has released this 1-litre version for Rs. 10.69 lakh, which is less than the 5th generation Honda City but more than Rs. 1 lakh more than the Hyundai Verna. The most expensive automatic is also more expensive than the City by 41,000 rupees, which is a fair price.

With a car like the Slavia, there’s no doubt that Skoda is serious about India. It looks good and has all the features you need, but the price could have been lower. Still, with everything it has to offer, it has what it takes to beat the competition all at once.

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