Ola S1 X Launched at Rs 89999 and Gets 3 Variants

Ola Electric, a leading name in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, has proudly introduced its latest entry-level offering – the Ola S1 X. This eagerly anticipated model comes in three distinct variants, each catering to different preferences and needs, and is priced remarkably competitively, starting at just Rs 89,999. The brand-new Ola S1 X showcases Ola Electric’s commitment to providing cost-effective and efficient electric mobility solutions for the masses.

Variants and Pricing

The Ola S1 X is available in three enticing variants, each tailored to suit varying requirements:

1. 2kWh Variant: The base model, equipped with a 2kWh battery, offers affordability without compromising on essential features. With a price tag of Rs 89,999, it opens the doors to sustainable commuting for a wider audience.

2. 3kWh Mid-Spec Variant: Positioned as a balanced option, the 3kWh variant provides a larger battery capacity and enhanced performance. Priced at Rs 99,999, it delivers a compelling combination of power and efficiency.

3. S1 X+ Premium Variant: At the pinnacle of the range lies the S1 X+, which boasts additional connectivity features and a heightened riding experience. Priced at Rs 1,09,999, it offers tech-savvy riders a cutting-edge EV solution.

Limited-Time Offer

As an exclusive incentive, Ola Electric is extending a generous Rs 10,000 discount on all three variants of the S1 X. This special offer is valid until August 21, providing an excellent opportunity for EV enthusiasts to embrace sustainable mobility at even more attractive prices.

Performance and Range

Ola Electric has meticulously designed the S1 X to deliver an exhilarating and efficient riding experience. Powered by a robust hub motor, the S1 X achieves a remarkable peak output of 6kW, propelling it to a top speed of 90kph. Impressively, it accelerates from 0 to 40kph in just 3.3 seconds, ensuring swift and responsive urban commuting. Notably, these performance figures are consistent across the 3kWh battery-equipped variants.

The entry-level 2kWh variant offers commendable performance with a top speed of 85kph and a 0-40kph acceleration time of 4.1 seconds. It boasts a certified range of 91km, catering to the needs of urban riders seeking an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Underpinnings and Design

The Ola S1 X is built upon Ola’s cutting-edge ‘Gen 2’ e-scooter platform, offering a robust and agile foundation for a seamless riding experience. The scooter features a pressed steel frame, ensuring durability and stability. Suspension duties are handled adeptly by a telescopic fork at the front and twin shock absorbers attached to a double-sided swingarm at the rear. The redesigned frame also provides a flat floorboard, enhancing rider comfort and convenience.

Features and Interior

While the Ola S1 X shares similarities with its counterpart, the S1 Air, it introduces a few key differentiators that contribute to its competitive pricing. Notably, the S1 X features a practical LCD display, eschewing the TFT touchscreen found in higher-end models. This intelligent design choice allows Ola Electric to offer the S1 X at a more accessible price point. The scooter’s aesthetic is enhanced with strategically placed unpainted black plastics, striking a harmonious balance between style and affordability.

Bookings and Deliveries

Enthusiasts can eagerly reserve their preferred variant of the Ola S1 X starting today. The premium S1 X+ variant is set to delight customers with deliveries commencing by the end of September. As for the 2kWh and 3kWh variants, they are anticipated to reach customers’ doorsteps in December, marking the beginning of a new era in sustainable urban mobility.

Ola Electric’s Ola S1 X stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, affordability, and eco-conscious transportation solutions. With its diverse range of variants, impressive performance metrics, and forward-thinking design, the Ola S1 X is poised to reshape the landscape of urban commuting in India. Embrace the future of mobility with the Ola S1 X – your gateway to sustainable and exhilarating electric transportation.

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