NIO ET5 and EL7: Setting the Standard for Active Safety in Euro NCAP Scenarios

In a groundbreaking move, NIO, the leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has once again proved its commitment to safety by being the first to undertake the brand-new Euro NCAP Active Safety scenarios. The tests, introduced in 2023, include Car-to-Motorcycle, Car-to-Car Crossing, Car-to-Car Head-on, Dooring, and Driver State Monitoring. The NIO ET5 and EL7 vehicles have emerged as exceptional performers, further solidifying NIO’s position as a frontrunner in automotive safety innovation.

1. Car-to-Motorcycle Scenario

One of the most critical aspects of vehicle safety is the ability to detect and react to vulnerable road users, such as motorcycles. The NIO ET5 and EL7 aced the Car-to-Motorcycle scenario, showcasing their advanced sensor systems and intelligent algorithms. Through real-time detection and predictive modeling, these vehicles demonstrated their ability to mitigate the risks associated with potential collisions, ensuring the safety of motorcyclists and enhancing overall road safety.

2. Car-to-Car Crossing Scenario

Intersections and crossing points pose unique challenges for drivers and automated systems alike. The NIO ET5 and EL7 vehicles proved their mettle in the Car-to-Car Crossing scenario by effectively identifying and responding to potential collisions. With their advanced camera systems, radar sensors, and powerful computing capabilities, these vehicles demonstrated their ability to make split-second decisions to avoid accidents, protecting occupants and other road users.

3. Car-to-Car Head-on Scenario

Head-on collisions are among the most severe accidents on the road, often resulting in catastrophic consequences. The NIO ET5 and EL7 exhibited exceptional performance in the Car-to-Car Head-on scenario. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of safety technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and emergency braking systems, these vehicles effectively mitigated the risk of head-on collisions. Their ability to detect and respond to imminent danger ensured the safety of occupants and contributed to reducing the severity of potential accidents.

4. Dooring Scenario

Dooring accidents, where a vehicle collides with an opening car door, can pose significant dangers for cyclists and pedestrians. NIO’s ET5 and EL7 models showcased their commitment to safety by excelling in the Dooring scenario. Equipped with intelligent door sensors and proactive warning systems, these vehicles actively detected and alerted drivers and passengers to potential hazards. This feature not only prevents accidents but also promotes awareness and responsible behavior among vehicle occupants.

5. Driver State Monitoring

Ensuring that drivers are alert and focused on the road is vital for preventing accidents. The NIO ET5 and EL7 went above and beyond by implementing robust driver state monitoring systems. Through a combination of facial recognition, eye-tracking, and physiological sensors, these vehicles continuously monitor the driver’s attentiveness and provide timely alerts if signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. This technology helps prevent accidents caused by driver inattention, thereby enhancing overall road safety.


The NIO ET5 and EL7 have set new benchmarks for active safety in the automotive industry by being the first vehicles to undertake the Euro NCAP Active Safety scenarios introduced in 2023. With their exceptional performance in the Car-to-Motorcycle, Car-to-Car Crossing, Car-to-Car Head-on, Dooring, and Driver State Monitoring tests, these vehicles have underscored NIO’s unwavering commitment to advancing vehicle safety.

By incorporating cutting-edge sensor technologies, intelligent algorithms, and proactive warning systems, NIO has paved the way for a safer and more secure future on the roads.

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