MG Comet EV Price Reductions

MG Motor India recently announced a price cut on its entire model range on the occasion of its centenary year. However, the brand had only revealed the starting price of each model at the time. MG has now released the detailed price list of all models, and it’s the EVs in the carmaker’s line-up that see the most substantial price revisions.

Revised Prices

Prices for the Comet EV now range between Rs 6.99 lakh to Rs 8.58 lakh, ex-showroom. The entry-level Pace trim sees a price cut of Rs 99,000, while the higher-spec Play and Plush trims see a more significant reduction of Rs 1.40 lakh, respectively.

Detailed Comparison

Variant New Price Old Price Difference
Pace Rs 6.99 lakh Rs 7.98 lakh Rs 99,000
Play Rs 7.88 lakh Rs 9.28 lakh Rs 1.40 lakh
Plush Rs 8.58 lakh Rs 9.98 lakh Rs 1.40 lakh

Crucially, the Comet EV is now the most affordable electric car you can buy in the country, undercutting the entire price range of the Tata Tiago EV (Rs 8.29 lakh-12.09 lakh). Upon launch in May 2023, the Comet EV and the Tiago EV had a considerable price overlap, with the latter then being priced between Rs 8.69 lakh-12.04 lakh.

Value Proposition

The Comet EV has been criticised for being slightly more expensive than it should have been, but buyers will surely find more value in the electric hatchback now. The two-door layout and limited range mean it will still have restricted city-only use, but the top-spec trim loaded with all the features certainly holds more value than the entry-level trim of the Tiago EV with rather comparable specs.


For reference, the Comet EV gets a 17.3kWh battery with an ARAI-certified range of 230km. It gets a single electric motor on the rear axle that develops 42hp and 110Nm of torque. The Tiago EV, in its entry-level MR variants, get a 19.2kWh battery for an ARAI-claimed range of 250km, and the front axle-mounted electric motor produces 61hp and 110Nm.

MG ZS EV Price Adjustments

Significant Reductions

Prices for the ZS EV were slashed even more substantially with a new entry-level Executive trim that was launched at Rs 18.98 lakh, bringing down the starting price by a whopping Rs 3.9 lakh. Meanwhile, prices for the existing Excite, Exclusive and Exclusive Pro trims have been brought down by Rs 2.9 lakh, Rs 1.02 lakh and Rs 92,000, respectively.

Revised Prices

Variant New Price Old Price Difference
Executive Rs 18.98 lakh
Excite Rs 19.98 lakh Rs 22.88 lakh Rs 2.90 lakh
Exclusive Rs 23.98 lakh Rs 25.00 lakh Rs 1.02 lakh
Exclusive Pro Rs 24.98 lakh Rs 25.90 lakh Rs 92,000

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