Mammootty Car Collection, Gadgets Galore, and Staggering Net Worth in 2023

Mammootty, the legendary figure in the film industry, has not only captured hearts with his performances in over 300 films across various languages but is also making waves for his extravagant lifestyle. While his prowess on the silver screen is undisputed, it’s his rumored collection of 369 cars that has become the latest sensation on the internet. However, the number ‘369’ is not just about the quantity but a unique branding for his garage, marking each vehicle with this distinctive number.

Mammootty Car Collection

The Malayali superstar’s garage boasts an impressive lineup of luxury cars, including the BMW E 46 M3, Mini Cooper S, Jaguar XJ, Toyota Land Cruiser, Audi A7, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and Toyota Fortuner. Notably, Mammootty expresses a sentimental attachment by owning the first-ever Maruti 800 produced in India, showcasing his love for iconic automobiles.

Beyond Cars: Pricey Gadgets and Personal Milestones

Apart from his vast automobile fleet, Mammootty also flaunts an array of pricey gadgets, with the latest addition being an AI-incorporated Canon EOS R5 camera. Notable moments in his career, such as possessing a Motorola mobile handset in 1996 when mobile phones were a rarity, reflect his influence and foresight in embracing technology.

Dulquer Salmaan’s Car Passion

The passion for cars seems to run in the family, as Mammootty’s son, Dulquer Salmaan, is a proud owner of high-performance vehicles. A recent internet video surfaced, showcasing Dulquer and actor Prithviraj Sukumaran racing their cars—a Porsche and a Lamborghini, respectively. Despite facing criticism from the Motor Vehicle Department, they were later proven innocent.

Net Worth and Staggering Remuneration

As of 2023, Mammootty’s net worth stands at a staggering ₹340 Crore INR, according to His financial success is underscored by a remuneration of ₹10 Crore INR, a monthly income of ₹3 Crore INR, and an annual income of ₹50 Crore INR. His opulent car collection includes a brand-new Ferrari 812 (₹4 Crore INR) and a luxurious Mercedes-Benz G-Class (over ₹90 lakh INR). Additional high-end vehicles in his possession comprise a Jaguar F-TYPE, BMW X6, and Range Rover Sport.

Continued Growth and Popularity

Mammootty’s net worth has exhibited steady growth over the years, reaching ₹340 Crore INR in 2023, up from ₹310 Crore INR in 2022, ₹280 Crore INR in 2021, and ₹265 Crore INR in 2020. As the Malayali superstar’s popularity continues to soar, fans eagerly anticipate more captivating performances and cinematic milestones from Mammookka.

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