Kinetic E-Luna: The New Lightweight Electric Scooter with Impressive 110km Range and Swift 4-Hour Charge

Kinetic Energy has recently unveiled the E-Luna, an electric scooter, which has garnered attention following the commencement of its pre-bookings. The E-Luna is now featured on several e-commerce platforms, with prices varying between Rs 71,990 and Rs 74,990 (ex-showroom).

Key Highlights of the E-Luna:

  1. Range and Charging: The E-Luna boasts an impressive 110km range on a single charge. Its 2kWh battery can be fully charged in just 4 hours, a convenient feature for daily commuters.
  2. Design and Weight: The scooter adopts a minimalist and functional design, reminiscent of its predecessor but notably lacks the signature pedals. It is remarkably lightweight at just 96kg, enhancing its maneuverability. Additionally, the rear seat is detachable, offering extra storage space.
  3. Rider Comfort: With a seat height of only 760mm, the E-Luna is designed for ease of use and accessibility, making it an excellent choice for riders of all statures.
  4. Features: Despite its spartan design, the E-Luna is equipped with a simple yet informative LCD dashboard. It also includes a USB charging port and a safety-oriented side stand cut-off feature. The scooter will be available in two colors: Mulberry Red and Ocean Blue.
  5. Suspension and Brakes: The E-Luna is supported by a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers on a tubular frame. It features drum brakes on both ends, ensuring reliable stopping power.
  6. Wheels and Tires: This scooter rolls on 16-inch spoked wheels, fitted with what might be the slimmest tires seen on a registered two-wheeler in the country, provided by TVS Eurogrip.
  7. Performance: The E-Luna’s performance is modest yet sufficient for city commuting, with a top speed ranging between 50-52kph. It is powered by a hub-mounted motor, delivering a rated torque of 22Nm.
  8. Charging Equipment: The scooter comes with a portable charger included in the purchase price, adding to its practicality.

While the company has yet to officially confirm the 110km range, the E-Luna’s combination of lightweight design, user-friendly features, and efficient performance make it a promising contender in the electric scooter segment.

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