Kia EV3 SUV Set to Debut Globally on May 23

Kia is gearing up for the global debut of its much-anticipated EV, the Kia EV3 SUV, slated to unveil on May 23. Following last year’s concept showcase, Kia has offered a glimpse of the production-ready EV3 through teaser images, indicating a faithful adaptation from concept to reality. Boasting angular lines reminiscent of its flagship counterpart, the EV9, the EV3 promises a blend of style and functionality, with a focus on maximizing interior space by pushing the wheels towards the corners.

Key Features and Specifications:

1. Design Inspiration:

  • The EV3 mirrors the boxy, angular aesthetics of the EV9, featuring Kia’s signature ‘Tiger Face’ front end and Star Map lighting elements.
  • Teaser images emphasize the continuity between concept and production, particularly in the design of front and rear lights.

2. Powertrain and Platform:

  • Utilizing the Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform, shared with the EV6 and EV9, the EV3 promises versatility in powertrain options and battery sizes.
  • Expected to offer front-driven entry-level models with a 218hp motor, the EV3 adopts a 400V electrical architecture, distinguishing it from its 800V counterparts EV6 and EV9.

3. Market Outlook:

  • While global anticipation mounts for the EV3’s debut, its arrival in specific markets remains uncertain.
  • Kia’s plans for the Indian market hint at an entry-level EV based on the Clavis compact SUV, slated for release next year, alongside the more premium EV9.


With the global unveiling just around the corner, the Kia EV3 SUV stands poised to make a mark in the burgeoning electric vehicle landscape. As Kia continues to expand its EV lineup, the EV3 promises a compelling blend of design, performance, and sustainability, setting the stage for an electrifying future in mobility.

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