Jk Tyre Set to Enhance the Suv Experience With New Product Offerings

Mumbai, January 27, 2023: Indian tyre company JK Tyre & Industries unveiled its new Ranger HPe and Ranger X-AT SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles) tyres today. The company is always trying to meet the changing needs of its customers and grow its market share. The company’s very successful Ranger series will get even better with the addition of these two new products. President (India) of JK Tyre & Industries, Mr. Anuj Kathuria, showed off the products in front of company officials and other guests.

Ranger is a series of high-performance, all-terrain SUV tyres that live up to its slogan, “Stay wild at heart.” These tyres are made for people who like to go on adventures. The Ranger series was made to meet the needs of the fastest-growing SUV market in India. It has a unique design that lets the SUV handle the toughest road hazards with ease, total control, and a lower chance of getting damaged.

JK Tyre is driven by technology and research and development, so the new RANGER HPe is made to meet the fast-growing demand for EVs (electric vehicles). The XPolymer3 technology that went into making it makes it the most durable, safest, and fuel-efficient tyre for the Indian road. The tyre has the best grip on the road and makes the car much easier to control, which makes it more comfortable to drive.

India has many different types of terrain, and the RANGER X-AT is made to handle the most difficult ones. It has a sporty look and technology that makes the steering more stable and the tyres last longer.

To go with the new products, the company opened five new JK Tyre Steel Wheels-Brand Shops in the Aurangabad and Nagpur area. This was done to strengthen the company’s strong position in Maharashtra. The newly opened stores are in Dindori (Nashik), Dhule, Lasal Gaon, Malegaon, and Nagpur. They were made to improve the customer experience. These shops, which are strategically placed in these cities, are set up to offer the best services, such as computerised wheel alignment, wheel balancing, automated tyre changing, tyre rotation, nitrogen inflation, and air care, all under one roof.

Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India) of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, said, “At JK Tyre, we put the customer first and try to meet their needs with new products and good service after the sale. Our Ranger series has been well-received by our customers, and the new Ranger HPe and Ranger X-AT are designed to make the SUV experience even better for our customers. This launch will help us get a bigger share of the growing SUV market.

“In order to take care of our customers from start to finish, we are aggressively growing our Brand shops, which offer customers a one-stop shop for all their tyre sales and service needs. The five new showrooms in the State are in line with the company’s plan to strengthen its retail presence and offer high-quality products, he said.

Recent product launches show that the company is good at research and development, is innovative, and can set market trends.

About JK Tyre and Industries Ltd.

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, the biggest company in the JK Group, is one of the top 25 manufacturers in the world. The company was one of the first to use radial technology. In 1977, it made the first radial tyre, and it is now the market leader in the Truck Bus Radial segment. The company offers complete solutions for two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, farming vehicles, off-road vehicles, and passenger cars.

JK Tyre is a global company with more than 180 distributors in more than 105 countries. The company has 12 “sustainable” factories, nine of which are in India and three in Mexico. Together, they make about 32 million tyres every year. The company also has a strong network of more than 6000 dealers and 650+ brand-specific shops called Steel Wheels and Xpress Wheels.

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