Husqvarna Set to Unveil New Svartpilen 401 in India on January 21

Husqvarna is gearing up to expand its presence in the Indian market, with a significant launch event scheduled for January 21. The brand has confirmed to its dealers the arrival of a new model, and all signs point to the introduction of the highly-anticipated next-generation Svartpilen 401. This model has garnered considerable interest following multiple sightings during its test runs in India, complete with region-specific features like a saree guard.

Sources from within the dealer network have indicated that the recent surge in the 400-450cc motorcycle segment has motivated Bajaj to enhance the Husqvarna lineup in India, targeting this competitive displacement and price bracket.

Svartpilen 401: Engine and Performance Insights

The upcoming Svartpilen 401 is expected to share its underpinnings with the new KTM 390 Duke platform. This includes an upgraded 399cc engine, likely to push the power output to around 45 horsepower. The chassis is also anticipated to be a direct lift from the KTM, featuring a new trellis frame and an offset monoshock. This design approach is predicted to achieve a lower seat height and increased ground clearance, mirroring the improvements seen in the latest Duke model.

Pricing Expectations

In terms of pricing, a comparison with the current 250cc Husqvarnas and the KTM 250 Duke provides some clues. The Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250 are priced competitively at Rs 2.25 lakh, undercutting the KTM 250 Duke’s Rs 2.39 lakh tag. However, these models are based on the older 250cc platform, unlike the new-generation Duke.

For the Svartpilen 401, we anticipate a smaller price difference compared to the KTM 390 Duke, but it is still expected to offer a more attractive price point. The 390 Duke currently retails at Rs 3.11 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), suggesting the Svartpilen 401 might be positioned around the Rs 3 lakh mark.

Potential Updates to the 250cc Models

An alternative scenario could see Husqvarna refreshing the Svartpilen and Vitpilen 250 models in India. This update would realign them with the new 250 Duke platform, incorporating features like the offset monoshock and the revamped chassis. The engine would likely be the updated 250cc unit from the latest 250 Duke, offering a distinctly different performance character despite sharing similar specifications with its predecessor.

Overall, Husqvarna’s upcoming launch promises to bring fresh excitement to India’s burgeoning motorcycle market, particularly in the mid-displacement segment.

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