Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India launches OBD2 compliant 2023 Shine 125

The 2023 Shine 125 introduces cutting-edge technology and innovative features to enhance the riding experience. It is equipped with a 125cc BSVI OBD2 compliant PGM-FI engine powered by eSP (Enhanced Smart Power). The engine ensures improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

One of the notable features is the patented ACG starter motor, which guarantees a quick, silent, and jolt-free start every time. This eliminates gear meshing noises and provides a seamless starting experience.

Next Level Comfort & Convenience

The 2023 Shine 125 offers enhanced comfort and convenience features to make every ride enjoyable. It comes with a 5-speed transmission that delivers a smoother and more efficient ride. The high ground clearance of 162mm and long wheelbase of 1285mm provide stability and balance on various road conditions.

The long seat, measuring 651mm, offers increased comfort for both the rider and the pillion. The DC headlamp ensures constant illumination, making it convenient for slow-speed and night riding. The engine start/stop switch provides the convenience of starting and stopping the engine with a single switch.

The bike is equipped with high-quality tubeless tires, which minimize the risk of immediate deflation in case of a puncture. The integrated headlamp beam and passing switch allow control of both functions from a single switch.

Grand Style Statement

The 2023 Shine 125 boasts a striking design that makes a grand style statement. It features a bold front visor with chrome garnish, premium chrome side covers, magnificent graphics, and an attractive chrome muffler cover. The sophisticated meter design, smart tail lamp, and trendy black alloys add a touch of class and uniqueness.

Best Value for Customers

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is committed to providing the best value for its customers. The 2023 Shine 125 comes with a special 10-year warranty package, offering three years of standard warranty and an optional seven-year extended warranty. This warranty package ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability for the customers.

The bike is available in two variants: Drum and Disc. The ex-showroom price for the Drum variant starts at Rs. 79,800, while the Disc variant is priced at Rs. 83,800 (ex-showroom Delhi).

In conclusion, the 2023 Shine 125 by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India combines next-generation technology, comfort, style, and value for customers. It aims to set a new benchmark in its segment and strengthen Honda’s position in the market.

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