Honda India Foundation Trains Haryana drivers in Safe Driving

At the Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) in Karnal, the Honda India Foundation (HIF) and the Transport Department of the Government of Haryana taught safe driving to the first group of drivers of light motor vehicles (LMV) and heavy motor vehicles (HMV) in Haryana.

HIF worked toward its goal of making drivers who are safe and responsible by teaching the first group of 30 drivers in its one-month training programme how to drive LMVs and HMVs safely on the road.

Atsushi Ogata, Chairman of the Honda India Foundation, said, “Road safety is in our DNA, so we carefully plan our programmes to get the important message across to people of all ages that they should ride and drive safely.” Being there from the beginning of a driver’s journey is another way to make the roads safer.

Ogata also said, “Now that the training for the first group is over, I am sure that these participants have a better idea of how to use the roads safely, which will help us reach our goal of having no traffic-related deaths.”

Through new ways of teaching, HIF’s expert trainers help participants learn how to drive safely and follow traffic rules. The next step is training on state-of-the-art simulators at IDTR. These simulators let participants ride in a variety of situations before they actually drive on the road.

Also, before getting on the real road, the drivers test their skills on the driving training track at IDTR.



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