Gujarat High Court Issues Contempt Notice to Police for Public Shaming of Mercedes Driver

In a recent development, the Gujarat High Court has taken action against several Gujarat Police personnel for their involvement in publicly shaming a young Mercedes-Benz driver. The driver was accused of engaging in reckless driving and performing stunts on public roads. This incident has brought to the forefront the growing concern of dangerous automobile stunts taking place on Indian roads and the corresponding response by law enforcement. Here’s a closer look at the incident:

Public Shaming on Sindhu Bhavan Road

The incident unfolded on July 5th when a police squad from DCP Zone-7 detained and paraded 24-year-old Junaid Mirza on Sindhu Bhavan Road. Mirza was made to hold a placard that bore the message, “Gaadi mere baap ki hai, par road nahi,” which translates to “The car belongs to my father, but not the road.” In response to this incident, Junaid Mirza, represented by his lawyer Siddharth Kheshkani, approached the Gujarat High Court, alleging that the police had subjected him to public humiliation.

Contempt Notice Issued

The Gujarat High Court has now issued a contempt notice to the police personnel involved in this incident. This notice is directed towards Sarkhej Police Inspector V. J. Chavda, PSI DP Solanki, Satellite PSI Dineshsinh Rathod, and Constable Irfan Sheikh. Additionally, DCP Bhagirathsinh Jadeja, initially named in the complaint, is also part of the notice. These individuals are required to provide an explanation as to why action under the Contempt of Court Act should not be taken against them. According to Junaid Mirza’s lawyer, the actions of the police are seen as a violation of directives from the Supreme Court.

Background and Allegations

While Junaid Mirza faced allegations of performing stunts with his Mercedes-Benz SUV, there is more to the story. The initial stunts were reportedly carried out in 2021, but it was only in February of the current year that a video showcasing these stunts went viral. The video featured a group of young individuals engaging in reckless activities. It’s worth noting that the first FIR was registered based on this video, and Mirza was listed as a witness in the charge sheet. Junaid Mirza’s lawyer contends that the police targeted his client due to his father’s refusal to pay a bribe to the DCP’s office. Supposedly, Mr. Mirza was framed in this case and subjected to public humiliation as a result.

Involvement of Human Rights Commission

The Gujarat State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has also taken action regarding the incident on Sindhu Bhavan Road (SBR), where public shaming occurred. The SHRC has indicated that action will be pursued under Section 18 of the Human Rights Act of 1993 following verification under Section 12 of the Act. An inquiry into the incident has been assigned to the Director General of Police (DGP). It is expected that a report will be submitted by an officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police or Additional Police Commissioner within 20 days.

This incident underscores the importance of addressing illegal activities on the road while ensuring that law enforcement agencies adhere to due process and respect the rights of individuals involved.

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