Exploring the Ford Everest: A New Contender in India’s SUV Market

Ford’s impending launch of the new Everest SUV in India marks not only its re-entry into the Indian market but also adds vigor to the full-size SUV segment, traditionally dominated by the Toyota Fortuner. With its global nameplate now unified, the Everest promises a blend of rugged design, advanced technology, and robust performance to entice Indian consumers.

Unified Global Nameplate: Previously known as the Endeavour in India due to trademark constraints, Ford has now secured the rights to the ‘Everest’ name, aligning it with its global branding strategy. This move not only enhances Ford’s brand image but also streamlines production by eliminating the need for localized badges and logos.

Rugged Design: Building on the muscular appeal of its predecessor, the new Everest boasts a boxier silhouette, characterized by a prominent grille, Matrix LED headlights, and squared-off design elements. The rear features striking L-shaped LED tail-lights, exuding a rugged yet modern aesthetic.

Enhanced Technology and Features: Inside, the Everest showcases a horizontal touchscreen display, varying in size based on trim levels, complemented by vertical AC vents and intuitive controls. The cabin exudes durability with hard-wearing materials while offering a plethora of features including ambient lighting, ventilated seats, digital instrument cluster, and Fordpass connected-car tech.

Import and CKD Plans: Initially, Ford plans to import the Everest as completely built units under the 2500-unit import rule, bypassing homologation requirements. However, the company aims to transition to local assembly in the future, leveraging its Chennai factory. Despite being an import, the Everest remains competitive in pricing, especially considering the escalating costs of rival SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner.

Range of Engine Options: The Everest lineup offers a choice of potent diesel engines, including 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter variants, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Engine options range from a 170hp single-turbo to a range-topping 246hp V6 turbo-diesel, catering to diverse driving preferences and requirements.

With its formidable design, advanced features, and robust performance, the Ford Everest emerges as a compelling contender in India’s SUV market, poised to challenge established rivals and captivate discerning customers.

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