Classic Legends may bring in BSA brand by 2025

Classic Legends, a division of Mahindra focusing on premium two-wheelers, is set to expand its model range and dealership network, thanks to a significant investment of Rs 875 crore. A key element of this expansion is the introduction of the classic UK motorcycle brand, BSA, which aims to make a strong impact in the burgeoning premium motorcycle market.

BSA’s Anticipated Entry into the Indian Market

The timeline for BSA’s launch in India, while not finalized, is expected within the next 12-18 months, according to Autocar Professional. This launch is part of BSA’s wider global expansion strategy, with plans already in motion for its rollout in Europe, Australasia, and the US in 2024. India, alongside Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, is a significant market in this strategy.

Manufacturing and Electric Motorcycle Plans

The electric motorcycle segment is also on Classic Legends’ radar, with production planned at the Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh. This aligns with the broader global trend towards electric vehicles and showcases Classic Legends’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Classic Legends’ Market Position and Future Goals

Despite currently averaging 4,000 to 5,000 bike sales per month, well behind Royal Enfield’s global sales of 8.5 lakh units, Classic Legends, under the leadership of CEO Ashish Joshi, is aiming to become the number 2 brand in India’s midsize motorcycle segment. This ambitious goal is supported by plans for product launches, network expansion, and a growing global presence.

Investment and Funding

Mahindra’s commitment to investing Rs 875 crore over the next 2-3 years underscores the confidence in Classic Legends’ growth potential. This investment is expected to be funded through internal accruals and external investor contributions.

BSA’s Historical Significance

BSA, an acronym for Birmingham Small Arms, has a storied past. Founded in 1861, it initially focused on gun manufacturing before transitioning to bicycles and motorcycles. By the 1950s, BSA had become the world’s largest motorcycle maker, although it faced bankruptcy and ceased production in the 1970s. Revived by Mahindra in 2018, BSA’s history adds a rich heritage to Classic Legends’ portfolio.

Classic Legends’ Current Portfolio and Future Directions

With a diverse range of 8 models across 5 different engine platforms, Classic Legends is not just looking at traditional bikes. Plans for twin-cylinder motorcycles and a focus on electric vehicles show a commitment to catering to various consumer preferences and staying ahead in the evolving two-wheeler market.

In summary, Classic Legends is poised for significant growth and diversification, with the BSA brand being a cornerstone of this strategy. The investment by Mahindra, combined with a focus on electric vehicles and global market expansion, positions Classic Legends to become a major player in the premium motorcycle segment.

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