Businessman Shot and Robbed of Car and Cash at Gunpoint on Karnal’s Delhi-Chandigarh Highway; Police Investigate Potential Inside Involvement

A businessman in Karnal was robbed of his car and cash at gunpoint: Shot in the leg, the incident occurred on the Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway in the morning, where two miscreants boarded the car under the pretext of hitchhiking.

In Karnal, a case of robbery involving cash and a car from a businessman has come to light. According to the information received, the miscreants executed the robbery on the National Highway by shooting the victim. Initially, they asked the driver for a lift, and then struck the businessman on the head with the butt of a gun to make him stop the car.

Near Gharaunda on the National Highway in Karnal, the robbers shot the businessman and fled with approximately two and a half lakh rupees in cash and the car. The criminals had boarded the businessman’s car pretending to hitchhike. As soon as the opportunity arose, the two miscreants resorted to violence and shooting to carry out the robbery. After the incident, the robbers broke through the Bastara Toll Plaza and escaped with the car. The businessman, bleeding profusely, was admitted to a private hospital, where his condition remains critical. The police arrived at the scene upon receiving information about the incident.

Businessman Shot and Robbed of Car and Cash at Gunpoint

The incident took place around 7:30 AM. Sanjay Gaba, a resident of Chaudhary Colony in Karnal and owner of a spare parts shop near the bus stand, was heading to Delhi with his associate Amit Kumar on Wednesday morning to purchase goods. As they neared Namaste Chowk, two young men asked for a lift. They offered to pay the fare to Delhi and got into the car.

As they approached the Neelkanth Dhaba on the National Highway, just before Gharaunda, the miscreants seized the opportunity to strike. They hit Sanjay Gaba, who was driving, on the head with a gun, causing severe bleeding. Despite being told to stop the car, the businessman continued driving. Later, the miscreants shot him in the leg, injuring him.

The criminals then fled the scene with approximately two and a half lakh rupees in cash and the car. They also broke through the Bastara Toll Plaza on the National Highway. The police, upon receiving information, investigated the case. Efforts were made to set up roadblocks and encircle the area, but the criminals were not captured.

Suspicion Falls on the Servant

Sanjay Gaba was accompanied by his servant, Amit. Both were aware that they were carrying cash to Delhi to purchase goods. It is reported that the businessman gave the young men a lift at the insistence of the servant. The police are actively questioning the servant. They believe that the capture of the criminals will soon lead to the revelation of the entire incident. Efforts are being made to track down and apprehend the robbers.

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