Best Electric Cars in India Under 5 Lakhs in 2023 – Price & Features

The Indian automotive sector is currently witnessing a surge in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), driven by government policies and incentives. As a result, manufacturers are introducing affordable electric cars in India, making EVs more accessible to the masses. In this article, we will explore the electric cars available under 5 lakhs in India, including their prices and key features.

Model Price Battery Range
Strom Motors R3 Rs 4.5 lakh 6kWh 200km
PMV EaS E Rs 4.79 lakh 48V 200km
Tata Nano EV Rs 4 lakh 17kWh 170km
Renault K ZE Rs 6 lakh 26.8kWh 350km
Mahindra Reva i Rs 3.76 lakh 48V 80km

Electric Cars in India under 5 Lakhs

  1. Strom Motors R3

    Key Specifications Metrics
    Price Rs 4.5 lakh
    Battery 6kWh
    Range 200 km
    Power 20.4 PS

    Description: The Strom Motors R3 is an Indian-made electric hatchback designed for urban commutes. It offers a cute boxy design and comes in four color options. Notable features include a 7-inch infotainment screen, auto climate control, GPS tracking, voice commands, and keyless entry. The R3 lacks fast charging but can be fully charged in 3 hours using a 22kW AC charger.

  2. PMV EaS E

    Key Specifications Metrics
    Price Rs 4.79 lakh
    Battery 48V
    Range 140 km
    Power 13.5 PS

    Description: The PMV EaS E is a two-door micro-electric car designed for daily urban commutes. It offers safety features like dual airbags and a rear parking camera. The car is equipped with auto AC, a digital driver’s display, Bluetooth infotainment, remote door lock/unlock, and power windows. While it lacks fast charging, it can be charged using a 3.3kW AC charger in 4.5 hours.

  3. Tata Nano EV

    Key Specifications Metrics
    Price Rs 4 lakh
    Battery 17kWh
    Range 170 km
    Power 24 HP

    Description: Tata Nano EV is one of the most anticipated electric cars in India. It combines practicality and affordability, offering features like a 7-inch touchscreen display, digital instrument cluster, USB ports, and ambient lights. The Nano EV is expected to have a 17kWh battery pack, providing a range of 170 km on a full charge.

  4. Renault K ZE

    Key Specifications Metrics
    Price Rs 6 lakh
    Battery 26kWh
    Range 350km
    Power 45 PS

    Description: Renault is set to introduce the Renault K ZE EV in India by 2023. It resembles the popular ICE Renault Kwid and offers features like auto AC, connected car technology, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, air quality sensors, and a 360-degree camera. The K ZE comes with a 26.8kWh battery pack, offering a range of 350 km on a single charge.

  5. Mahindra Reva i

    Key Specifications Metrics
    Price Rs 3.76 lakh
    Battery 48V
    Range 80 km
    Power 17.4 HP

    Description: The Mahindra Reva i, India’s first micro-electric car, is available in the second-hand market. It offers power steering, a digital driver’s display, Bluetooth-enabled infotainment, USB ports, and adjustable seats. With a 48V lead-acid battery, it provides a range of 80 km on a full charge.

Electric Car Buying Guide:

  1. Range: Choose a car with a range that suits your daily travel needs and consider the availability of charging infrastructure.
  2. Battery Capacity: Balance between range and cost, opting for a battery capacity that meets your requirements without exceeding your budget.
  3. Charging Infrastructure: Research the charging options in your area and consider home charging solutions.
  4. Performance and Power: Don’t compromise on performance, considering factors like horsepower and torque.
  5. Safety Features: Prioritize safety with features like ABS, airbags, and driver assistance systems.
  6. Maintenance and Warranty: Examine warranty coverage for the vehicle and spare components.

Conclusion: With government support and incentives, India’s EV market is booming, offering a range of affordable electric cars under 5 lakhs. The provided buying guide will assist you in choosing the right electric car that fits your budget and requirements.

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