Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube Comparison: Which Family Scooter Should You Get?

In the burgeoning market of electric scooters, Ather Energy’s Ather Rizta and TVS’s iQube stand out as formidable contenders in the family-oriented segment. Both models promise efficient and eco-friendly commuting tailored to urban needs. This comparison aims to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each scooter, analyzing their design, powertrain, features, and pricing to help you determine which one suits your preferences and requirements better.


Both the Ather Rizta and TVS iQube feature a typical family-oriented scooter design with spacious bodies and large seats. However, the TVS iQube stands out with premium touches like painted mirrors, a windscreen, and neatly integrated LED DRLs within the headlight cowl. In contrast, the Ather Rizta offers a wider range of color options, including attractive dual-tone choices, making it visually appealing.


The Ather Rizta is equipped with a 4.3kW motor, providing a claimed top speed of 80kmph. On the other hand, the TVS iQube features a slightly more powerful 4.4kW motor with a claimed top speed of 78kmph. However, the Rizta excels in range, offering a significantly longer driving range of 124km compared to the iQube’s 100km.


Both scooters share similar underpinnings with 12-inch wheels and a disc-drum braking setup. The Rizta distinguishes itself with a centrally-mounted monoshock rear suspension, while the iQube utilizes a side-mounted single shock absorber.


Both scooters offer standard features like smartphone connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, and call/SMS alerts. The Ather Rizta’s Z variants stand out with additional features post the Ather Stack 6 update, including WhatsApp integration, call rejection with messages, and Alexa voice assistance. In contrast, the TVS iQube emphasizes security features such as geofencing, anti-theft alerts, and fall/crash alerts.


The Ather Rizta is priced competitively, starting at Rs 1,09,000 for the S variant and going up to Rs 1,44,999 for the higher-end Z variant. Meanwhile, the TVS iQube starts at Rs 1,36,628 for the base variant and Rs 1,46,420 for the iQube S variant (both prices ex-showroom Bengaluru).


Choosing between the Ather Rizta and TVS iQube depends on your preferences and priorities. If style and premium features are key, the TVS iQube is a strong contender. However, if you prioritize features, performance, and affordability, the Ather Rizta offers a compelling package. Ultimately, both scooters present viable options for those seeking a family-oriented electric scooter.

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