Best Scooter in India – Top 5 Most Affordable Petrol Scooters in India

Since the debut of the iconic Honda Activa in 2001, the Indian scooter market has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. Scooters, with their gearless convenience, have transformed urban transportation, making mobility accessible to people of all ages and genders. In this article, we present a curated list of the top five most economical petrol scooters currently available in India. These scooters not only offer budget-friendly options but also bring the promise of convenient and hassle-free commuting to a diverse range of riders. Please note that all prices mentioned are ex-showroom rates for Delhi.

1. Hero Destini Prime – Rs 71,499

Hero, known for its ability to produce cost-effective two-wheelers at scale, offers the Destini Prime as the most budget-friendly 125cc scooter in India. Priced at an introductory rate of Rs 71,499, this scooter boasts features like a USB charging port, an external fuel filler, and a semi-digital instrument cluster.

2. Honda Dio – Rs 70,211-77,712

The Honda Dio, a cousin of the popular Activa, appeals more to the younger demographic and is often seen in college parking lots. While maintaining the same dependable fundamentals as the Activa, the Dio showcases sharper styling and comes at a more affordable price point.

3. Hero Pleasure+ – Rs 70,338-82,238

Another budget-friendly option from Hero is the Pleasure+, a 110cc scooter. Prices start at Rs 70,338 for the base model and reach Rs 82,238 for the Xtec variant, which offers LED headlights and advanced features like geo-fencing and location tracking.

4. Hero Xoom – Rs 70,184-78,517

The Hero Xoom, powered by a 110.9cc engine similar to the Pleasure+, competes with the Honda Dio. It boasts sporty styling and various features, including Bluetooth connectivity, cornering lights, and diamond-cut alloy wheels on the top-tier variant. Prices range from Rs 70,184 to Rs 78,517.

5. TVS Scooty Pep – Rs 65,514-68,414

The TVS Scooty Pep, the most affordable petrol scooter currently available in India, is the only sub-100cc scooter still in production. It is equipped with a modest 87.8cc engine producing 5.4hp and 6.5Nm of torque. Remarkably, the Scooty Pep has sustained its presence in the market for 29 years.

Notable Omissions:

While the Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, and TVS Jupiter are well-established names in the scooter market, they didn’t make it onto this list due to their higher price points. The Activa, priced between Rs 76,234-82,234, maintains its strong sales due to its established brand image. The TVS Jupiter is somewhat more affordable at Rs 73,340, but it doesn’t meet the criteria for inclusion on this list. The Suzuki Access, though renowned for its durability and power, starts at nearly Rs 80,000, making it less budget-friendly compared to the scooters listed here.

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