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Upcoming Maruti Electric MPV to Share eVX EV’s Skateboard Platform

Upcoming Maruti Electric MPV

Upcoming Maruti Electric MPV

Maruti Suzuki’s forward-looking strategy includes a robust product onslaught, featuring hybrid variants of popular models such as the Baleno, Fronx, and Swift, alongside the introduction of eight entirely new vehicles, including three electric vehicles (EVs).

Introducing the Maruti YMC EV MPV

Among these new offerings is the eagerly anticipated all-electric MPV, codenamed YMC. Leveraging the cutting-edge born-EV architecture co-developed by Maruti and Toyota for the eVX SUV, this MPV promises to redefine the electric vehicle landscape in India.

Shared Architecture for Versatile Adaptability

The YMC MPV will be built on a derivative of the 27PL skateboard platform, ensuring adaptability for multiple body styles. Set to debut approximately eighteen months after the eVX, the YMC embodies Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Key Features and Expectations

While specific details about the YMC remain under wraps, it is anticipated to inherit the eVX’s battery options, including the 40kWh and 60kWh units, along with the electric motor and other critical powertrain components. With an expected maximum claimed range akin to the eVX’s impressive 550km, the YMC promises to deliver a compelling driving experience.

Synergy for Scale and Efficiency

In a strategic move to enhance economies of scale, the interior and exterior of both the SUV and MPV are likely to share several design elements, further solidifying Maruti Suzuki’s position as a pioneer in the electric vehicle segment.

With the YMC set to debut in production form by September 2026, Maruti Suzuki is poised to revolutionize the electric MPV segment, offering consumers an eco-friendly and technologically advanced driving solution.

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