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Tata Nexon Secures 5-Star Global NCAP Rating Under New Protocol

Tata Nexon Secures 5-Star Global NCAP

Tata Nexon Secures 5-Star Global NCAP

The Tata Nexon has once again earned a prestigious 5-star rating from Global NCAP, this time under the more stringent testing protocols introduced in 2022. Notably, the compact SUV had previously achieved a 5-star rating from Global NCAP in 2018. The recent Nexon facelift, launched in September 2023, was among the final batch of vehicles sent for evaluation by the road safety organization, alongside the Harrier and Safari facelifts.

Insights from Tata Motors

Mohan Savarkar, Chief Product Officer at Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, expressed that these tests were part of their pre-planned agenda. He also hinted at potential participation in BNCAP tests. Both the Harrier and Safari had already undergone testing by Bharat NCAP, receiving 5-star ratings as well.

Validity and Scope

The 5-star GNCAP rating applies to Nexons manufactured after August 8, 2023, specifically for ICE versions. There is also consideration for crash testing the Nexon EV, as mentioned by Savarkar.

Global NCAP Rating Analysis

Global NCAP commended the Nexon for achieving one of the highest scores ever for adult and child occupant safety in its ‘Safer Cars For India’ campaign spanning a decade. With 32.22 points out of a maximum of 34 for adult occupancy protection (AOP) and 44.52 out of 49 for child occupancy protection (COP), the Nexon secured its 5-star rating.

Safety Performance

In various impact tests including front, side, and side pole, the Nexon demonstrated commendable protection levels, albeit with minor shortcomings in the chest area during the side pole test. Notably, the Nexon facelift significantly improved upon its predecessor’s child occupancy score, achieving full or near-full protection in front and side impact tests for both 3-year-old and 18-month-old dummies.

Comparison with Harrier and Safari Facelifts

The Harrier and Safari facelifts also garnered 5-star ratings for both AOP and COP, with respective scores of 33.05 and 45 in Global NCAP tests. Moreover, these SUVs achieved similar accolades in Bharat NCAP assessments.

Safety Features

The Nexon facelift comes equipped with six airbags, ESC, seatbelt reminders, ISOFIX anchors, and a passenger airbag disabling switch as standard features, contributing to its exemplary safety performance. Additionally, it meets UN127 and GTR9 requirements for pedestrian protection, as recognized by Global NCAP.

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