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Mahindra Car Company Faces Criticism for Delayed Deliveries and Alleged Scam

Mahindra Car Company Faces Criticism for Delayed Deliveries and Alleged Scam

Mahindra Car Company has been a leading name in the automobile industry for several years, known for producing high-quality and reliable cars. However, the company has been facing a lot of criticism recently due to its inability to deliver cars on time to customers who have already made their payments.

Car buyers often plan their finances and schedule around the delivery date of their new car. Delays in delivery can cause inconvenience and lead to a frustrating experience for customers. Unfortunately, Mahindra has been struggling to meet its promised delivery times, leaving many customers in a state of distress.

Mahindra has developed a scheme to generate revenue by launching new car models frequently and accepting a large number of bookings through promotional activities. However, Mahindra fails to deliver the cars to customers within the promised delivery time and does not take any responsibility for the delay.

Mahindra recently launched the Scorpio N car and offered an introductory price to 25,000 customers. However, there is currently no information regarding the delivery of the car to many of these customers. Furthermore, the booking date for the Scorpio N car of these customers has been extended twice without obtaining their consent.

Additionally, it is reported that Mahindra dealerships are offering cars with numerous accessories to certain customers while pressuring others who have booked lower models to switch to higher ones in order to generate more profit from the sale of high-end models. Customers who have been waiting for a long time for their booked cars are reportedly being taken advantage of in this manner.

Furthermore, some automobile content creators, such as Anubhav Chauhan and his brother Ankit Chauhan, have also faced issues related to long waiting periods and false commitments made by Mahindra.

They have expressed their dissatisfaction with Mahindra’s alleged scam through videos on various platforms. The Chauhan brothers, who had booked a Scorpio N Z8 manual transmission on the first day of the launch, have been among the customers affected by this issue. The video of this matter is attached to this article covered on their Btech rider channel.

It is worth noting that while the government encourages the purchase of Indian products, some Indian brands reportedly do not prioritize customer satisfaction in the same manner as foreign companies.

It should also be noted that Mahindra’s after-sales services were reportedly unsatisfactory in the past, and these current pre-sales issues may further harm the company’s reputation. If Mahindra doesn’t pay attention to its customers, it will be in trouble very soon.

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