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Lectrix EV launches LXS G2.0 & 3.0, with 93 game-changing features

Lectrix EV launches LXS G2.0 & 3.0

Lectrix EV launches LXS G2.0 & 3.0

Lectrix EV, the electric mobility arm of SAR Group, has recently unveiled their latest offering – the Lectrix LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0 electric scooters, which boast an impressive 93 game-changing features. These two-wheelers are poised to revolutionize urban mobility with their array of safety, smart, and comfort features, making them a standout choice for the modern, intelligent, and connected rider.

One of the key selling points of the Lectrix scooters is their affordability and competitive price range of INR 1 lakh, making them accessible to a broader audience. Despite their cost-effectiveness, Lectrix has managed to incorporate first-in-class innovations, setting their scooters apart from the competition. The scooters are equipped with a well-tested and certified platform, including cutting-edge connected technology, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The smart connected features of the LXS G vehicles enable over-the-air updates, providing continuous improvements and enhancements to the user experience. The integration of a navigation system, voice assistant, and smart safety features ensures riders have a safe and convenient journey. Furthermore, the scooters’ robust chassis, torture-tested for over 2.6 lakh kilometers, ensures durability and reliability on the road.

K Vijaya Kumar, the MD & CEO of Lectrix EV, emphasizes that the LXS G scooters are targeted towards the young Indian Gen Z, who seek quality, affordable, and clean personal mobility options. With an aim to unlock progress and make electric mobility easily accessible, Lectrix aims to make the shift to electric vehicles seamless for the next generation.

The LXS G scooters come equipped with a plethora of tech-based facilities, including auto-indicators, smart ignition, helmet warning, ride statistics, and even remote seat operation through a mobile app. These features distinguish Lectrix scooters from other available EVs in the industry, providing a comprehensive and connected riding experience.

The company plans to make the LXS G scooters available across 100+ cities and dealerships pan-India. They offer two battery options, 2.3KW and 3KW, providing a range of 100+ kilometers. Pre-bookings have already started with a limited-period introductory offer, and deliveries will commence from the 16th of August, covering the entire country.

About Lectrix EV

Lectrix EV, launched in 2020, is the e-mobility arm of SAR Group. Driven by the mission to provide reliable and advanced electric two-wheelers, the company has made an initial investment of Rs 300 crore. With an annual production capacity of 1.5 lakh EVs, Lectrix EV plans to introduce a diverse range of electric two-wheelers to its portfolio. The company’s core focus on technology and innovation aims to disrupt the electric scooter segment, offering technologically advanced products at affordable prices.

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